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The Treaty of Paris of 1856 settled the Crimean War between Russiamarker and an alliance of the Ottoman Empire, the Kingdom of Sardinia, France, and the United Kingdommarker. The treaty, signed on March 30 1856 at the Congress of Paris, made the Black Seamarker neutral territory, closing it to all warships, and prohibiting fortifications and the presence of armaments on its shores. The treaty marked a severe setback to Russian influence in the region.


Moldavia and Wallachia would stay under nominal Ottoman rule, but would be granted independent constitutions and national assemblies, which were to be monitored by the victorious powers. A project of a referendum was to be set in place to monitor the will of the peoples regarding unification. Also, Moldavia received the south of Bessarabiamarker (Budjak).

The treaty also demilitarised the Åland Islandsmarker in the Baltic Seamarker, which belonged to the Russian Grand Duchy of Finland. The fortress Bomarsundmarker had been destroyed by British and French forces in 1854 and the alliance wanted to prevent its use as a Russian military base.

The Peace of Paris confirmed Nicholas I's failures.
  • Russia lost territory it had been granted at the mouth of the Danube.
  • It was forced to abandon its claims to protect Christians in the Ottoman Empire in favour of France.
  • Russia lost its influence over the Romanian principalities, which, together with Serbia, were given greater independence.
  • Political reforms were called in Russia after they lost the war.
Image:Treaty of Paris 1856 - 1.jpg|Treaty of Paris: debatesImage:Crimea_Treaty_of_Paris_Medallion_War_Peace_Medallion_1856.JPG|A medallion issued to celebrate the end of the Crimean War and the Treaty of Paris, made from a soft "silver colour" alloy

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  • The 150th Anniversary of Demilitarisation of Åland Islands was celebrating in Finland by issuing a high value commemorative coin, the €5 150th Anniversary of Demilitarisation of Åland Islands commemorative coin, minted in 2006. The obverse depicts a pine tree, very typical in the Åland Islands. The reverse design features a boat's stern and rudder, with a dove perched on the tiller, a symbol of 150 years of peace.


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