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Treble, a doublet of "triple" or "threefold" (from Latin triplus, "triple"; cf. "double" from duplus), is used in several contexts:

  • As a term applied in music to the high or acute part of the musical system; see clef.
    • A treble-cut filter, or low-pass filter, attenuates high frequencies while passing low frequencies.
    • Treble response, the high frequency portion of an audio system's frequency response.
  • The highest singing voice (properly applicable to a boy) or part in musical composition. See Boy soprano
  • Treble Charger, a Canadian rock group.
  • Treble in Trouble, a record by the band Ted Leo and the Pharmacists.
  • Treble , a 3 piece girl group from the Netherlands.
  • Treble is the name given in Change ringing to the bell with the highest pitch.
  • The bow-hand fiddle ornament which splits a single note into a triplet typically comprising three notes of the same pitch is called "trebling" by Irish traditional musicians.

  • Treble in association football describes the achievement of winning three top tier trophies in one season
  • Treble is also the name of a character in the Mega Man video game series; see also Bass .
  • A treble-bar, a type of moth.
  • Treble Conemarker, a mountain and ski resort in New Zealand.
  • Treble jig, an Irish dance.
  • Treble damages, a legal term indicating triple damages as a penalty.

  • Treble, type of bet covering three selections.

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