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TrueVisions is Thailandmarker's leading cable satellite television operator. Now owned by the True Corporation, the company was formerly known as the United Broadcasting Corporation (UBC), but it was rebranded in February 2007.


Origin of TrueVisions

On April 17, 1989, the Mass Communication Organisation of Thailand (MCOT) and UBC (which was then International Broadcasting Corporation Public Company Limited or IBC) entered a joint venture agreement for the provision of subscription television service that was subsequently amended on May 19, 1994 and April 17, 1998, or the UBC Concession. Under the UBC Concession, UBC is permitted to operate subscription television on behalf of MCOT until September 30, 2014. UBC is entitled to provide subscription television pursuant to the UBC Concession to the whole of Thailand using a satellite to provide direct-to-home service, cable in the provincial areas and MMDS as permitted by the Post and Telegraph Department, and is entitled to use a satellite to provide service to hubs in provincial areas and then, through local cable networks, on to subscribers.

IBC launched South East Asia’s first subscriber-based television network in Bangkokmarker in October 1989 using an MMDS transmission platform. IBC was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on February 3, 1994 with a registered share capital of Baht 180 million. IBC began serving viewers in major cities in all areas of Thailand in 1994 by transmitting programs using Thaicom 1 satellite. The satellite was used to relay signals to MMDS transmitters in the provinces. In 1995, IBC launched its DStv service using Ku-band transmission and MPEGII video compression. This enabled IBC to increase the number of channels being offered, improve sound and picture quality and distribute its service everywhere in Thailand. These services are now transmitted on the newer and more powerful Thaicom 5.

On July 1, 1998, IBC merged with UTV (below) to form UBC.

TrueVisions' secondary logo

Origin of TrueVisions Cable

On November 12, 1993, MCOT and TelecomAsia entered into a memorandum of agreement for a joint venture for the provision of cable television services. Pursuant to its terms, TelecomAsia agreed to set up a public company to operate a cable television business. On June 6, 1994, MCOT and UBC Cable (formerly UTV Cable Network Public Company Limited or UTV) entered into a contract for the joint operation of subscription television services, or the UBC Cable Concession. UBC Cable is permitted to operate subscription television on behalf of MCOT until December 31, 2019. UBC Cable is entitled to provide subscription television pursuant to the UBC Cable Concession in Bangkok and elsewhere.

UTV began providing its CATV service in Bangkok Metropolitan Areas in September 1995. The service was offered on its high quality hybrid fiber coaxial network which it began deploying in 1994. The cable technology allowed for a number of channels to be offered, with high quality sound and picture and allowed for value added services such as pay per view. By 1997 hybrid fiber coaxial cable network passed an estimated 800,000 homes. In 1997 UTV sold the cable infrastructure component of its business to its sister company Asia Multimedia Company Limited allowing UTV to focus on content and subscriber management service delivery. UTV would merge with IBC in 1998.

Number of Subscribers

As of 4th quarter of 2008: 799,837 subscribers (1,469,000 subscribers including FreeView).

Number of subscribers

  • exclude TrueLife FreeView
Year Subscribers
1998 301,309
1999 324,537
2000 380,956
2001 406,589
2002 437,845
2003 434,815
2004 457,542
2005 483,816
2006 558,860
2007 618,228
2008 799,837

List of channels on TrueVisions

TrueVisions currently runs its own created channels as well as operating regional (either Southeast Asia or Asia Pacific) channels with channel identification number. Channels highlighted in Green are Free-to-air channels, in Red are channels locally produced by TrueVisions or True Corp.

EPG No. EPG Name Channel Name Channel Type Availability Notes
1 CH-3 Channel 3 Free TV Owned by MCOT and operated by Bangkok Entertainment Co. Ltd.
2 CH-5 Channel 5 Free TV Owned and operated by the Royal Thai Army
3 CH-7 Channel 7 Free TV Owned by the Royal Thai Army and operated by the Bangkok Broadcasting & Television Company (BBTV) under contract
4 CH-9 Channel 9 Free TV Owned and operated by MCOT
5 NBT NBT (National Broadcasting Services of Thailand) Free TV National Public service broadcaster; owned and operated by the government's Public Relations Department (PRD)
6 TPBS TPBS (Thai Public Broadcasting Service) Free TV a public television station in Thailand ,mass media that have to is free from politics interferes of Thailand
7 TNN TNN24 News previously News 24
8 TNN2 TNN 2 News previously MCOT Democratic News Service Channel
10 Home Home Shopping Channel Entertainment
11 FL A True Film Asia Movies Full-length Asian movies and series
12 MOVH True Movie Hits Movies Thai-dubbed Hollywood movies (also available in English)
13 HBO HBO Movies Gold, Platinum
14 CINM Cinemax Movies Silver, Gold, Platinum
15 STMV Star Movies Movies Gold, Platinum
16 HALL Hallmark Channel Entertainment Gold, Platinum
17 AFMV Academy Fantasia Music Video Music
18 REAL Reality Channel Entertainment Broadcast live Thailand's popular reality show as True Academy Fantasia
19 insE True Inside Entertainment The "Behind the Scene" channel that offers scenes from the producers or anything related to Thai celebrities. This channel, however, also airs American programs such as Inside Edition, Entertainment Tonight and even America's Next Top Model
20 XZYT True X-Zyte Entertainment Miscellaneous programs such as America's Funniest Videos (AFV), America's Got Talent, COPS, TV Champion, X-Man, Love Letter (Korean Show), Family Outing (Korean Show) etc.
21 SRES True Series Entertainment Series and reality shows from around the world. For example; Prison Break, ER, Survivor, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, My Sweet Fat Valentino, etc.
22 ASER True Asian Series Entertainment Popular Asian Series, Variety show, Reality Show and news.
23 H-HA Hay-Ha Entertainment Thai Style Comedy. Some programs were aired before on National TVs.
26 GSQ G Square Entertainment The first Video games and technologies channel in Thailand. Half of the programme is produced locally and another half was imported from G4.
27 CHIC Chic Channel Entertainment Knowledge, Silver, Gold, Platinum a local fashion channel affiliated and sponsored by Fashion TV / Live Broadcast English Premier League (excluding those air on True Sport 1,3,5)
28 AXN AXN Entertainment Gold, Platinum AXN Asia Network Channel for Hong Kong and Thailand
29 TMUS True Music Music An interactive music channel that plays only most voted videos. A vote is cast by an SMS.
30 MA Majung TV Music A channel that plays Thai music videos from the 60's - 90's.
31 LTNG T Channel Music Free-to-view Thai Country Music
32 CH-V Channel [V] Thailand Music Knowledge, Silver, Gold, Platinum The 1st Music channel in Thailand were established in 1996. Owned by Star TV Hong Kongmarker.
33 MTV MTV Thailand Music Gold, Platinum
34 MGM MGM Channel Movies Silver, Platinum
35 TCM TCM Asia Movies Silver, Platinum
36 E! E! Entertainment Silver, Platinum
37 SWLD STAR World Entertainment Silver, Platinum
38 AXNB AXN Beyond Entertainment Silver, Platinum Sci-fi oriented programming
39 TVB TVB Entertainment Silver, Platinum
40 ASN All Sports Network Sports Silver, Platinum
41 NGAV Nat Geo Adventure Documentary Silver, Platinum formerly known as A1
42 NICK Nickelodeon Kids Silver, Platinum
43 SPRK True Spark Kids Programs for kids, all are Thai-dubbed (also available in Original Soundtrack)
44 TCCN Cartoon Network Kids Gold, Platinum A cartoon channel for kids.
45 EXP1 True Explore 1 Documentary
46 EXP2 True Explore 2 Documentary
47 EXP3 True Explore 3 Documentary
48 HIST The History Channel Documentary Silver, Gold, Platinum formerly known as History Channel Thailand
49 NGC National Geographic Channel Documentary Gold, Platinum
50 DSCV Discovery Channel Documentary Gold, Platinum
51 ANPL Animal Planet Documentary Gold, Platinum
52 CNN CNN International News Gold, Platinum
53 BBC BBC World News News Gold, Platinum
54 CNBC CNBC Asia News Gold, Platinum
55 BMBG Bloomberg Television News Silver, Gold, Platinum
56 NHK NHK World Entertainment A La Carte (Silver, Gold, Platinum)
57 CCTV CCTV-4 Entertainment Knowledge, Gold, Platinum China Central Television
58 TV5 TV5 Monde Asie Entertainment Knowledge, Gold, Platinum
59 TSP1 True Sport 1 Sport True Visions has decided to rearrange all the programming of all its existing channels to accommodate the demand of subscribers. Those channels are SuperSport, SuperSport Action, True Zoccer and True Sport Plus. True Sport 1 has the same programming as True Zoccer.
60 TSP2 True Sport 2 Sport focuses on all kinds of martial arts, wrestling (including WWE shows) and fighting sports.
61 TSP3 True Sport 3 Sport focuses on extreme sports, water sports, and some ball sports (excluding those air on True Sport 4)
62 TSP4 True Sport 4 Sport focuses on Golf, Tennis, Billiards, NFL, etc.
63 TSP5 True Sport 5 Sport Live Broadcast English Premier League (excluding those air on True Sport 1,3) / Live Broadcast PPV Boxing match
64 ESPN ESPN Sport Gold, Platinum
65 SPRT Star Sports Sport Gold, Platinum
66 TSE1 True Sport Extra 1 Sport Live English Premier League (excluding those air on True Sport 1,3,5)
67 TSE2 True Sport Extra 2 Sport Live English Premier League (excluding those air on True Sport 1,3,5)/ Sometimes Live broadcast Eredivise
68 TSPT T Sport Channel Sport Free-to-view
69 HBOS HBO Signature Movies A La Carte (Gold, Platinum)
70 HBOF HBO Family Movies A La Carte (Gold, Platinum)
71 HBOH HBO Hits Movies A La Carte (Gold, Platinum)
72 DSci Discovery Science Documentary A La Carte (Silver, Gold, Platinum)
73 D TB Discovery Turbo Documentary A La Carte (Silver, Gold, Platinum)
74 D TL Discovery Travel & Living Documentary A La Carte (Silver, Gold, Platinum)
75 D HH Discovery Home & Health Documentary A La Carte (Silver, Gold, Platinum)
76 Disn Disney Channel Kids A La Carte (Silver, Gold, Platinum)
77 DisP Playhouse Disney Channel Kids A La Carte (Silver, Gold, Platinum)
78 MCT1 MCOT 1 Other
79 MCT2 MCOT 2 Other Classic Entertainment Channel
80 MONY Money Channel News Operated by the Stock Exchange of Thailand Trading Company
81-95 DLTV1-DLTV15 DLTV 1-15 (Distance Learning Television) Education Broadcasted from Wang Klai kang won School Hua-Hin (Klai kang won palace School) Operated by Distance Learning Foundation (DLF) under Royal Pratonage
96 ETV ETV Education Education Television Operated by Minister of Education of Thailand
97 TGN TGN (Thai TV Global Network) Entertainment Operated by the Royal Thai Army Television
98 PHOX Phoenix InfoNews Channel News Gold, Platinum Chinese News Channel
99 PREV TrueVisions Preview Entertainment Free-to-view HD signal, however the current set-top box models are not supported
104 TATV TATV Documentary Operated by Tourism Agency of Thailand (TAT)
105 RATV Royal TV Documentary
106 TS M True Sport Club Channel M Sport A La Carte
107 TS L True Sport Club Channel L Sport A La Carte
109 TS C True Sport Club Channel C Sport A La Carte
110 TS A True Sport Club Channel A Sport A La Carte

Future Channels

  • ManU TV (Officially launch date: January 10, 2009)
  • Chelsea TV (Officially launch date: January 10, 2009)
  • Liverpool TV (Officially launch date: January 10, 2009)
  • Arsenal TV (Officially launch date: January 10, 2009)

Seasonal Channels provided by TrueVisions

Discontinued channels

  • MTV Asia due to the establishment of MTV Thailand in 2001.
  • MTV Thailand due to a discontinued contract between UBC and MTV (Now continued). This results as a discontinuation of VH1 Thailand. However only MTV Thailand are returned on May 16, 2008 at Channel 111 as a test channel. Today, MTV Thailand is officially transmitted on channel 33, exclusively for Gold and Platinum subscribers (digital decoder only). The other MTV sister channels yet unannounced.
  • Pay Per View 1 and 2 due to presence of True Sports Extra 1 and 2
  • HGTV Thailand
  • Panorama Channel, a channel devoted to locally-produced documentaries
  • UBC Movies, replaced with UBC (later True) Inside, now succeeded by True Movie Hits
  • Nation Channel, local round the clock news channel, due to its move to MMDS

Return/Future Channels

A monthly magazine (named "Premiere TrueVisions TV Guide"), which sets out the broadcasting schedules, is sent free to subscribers.Contents such as hi-lights of the month, descriptions and synopsis are presented in Thai but the schedule listing is also available in English.

Personal Video Recording System

TrueVisions is now selling the new PVR (Personal-Digital Video Recording) System, similar to TiVo. However, TrueVisions has claimed that the set-top box will not be compatible with future HD channels or programs. For more information, please go to TrueVisions PVR Website.

High Definition Channels

As of November 12 of 2007, True Visions started to run a commercial between programs on several channels that they operate, stating that they are currently testing high definition (HD) channels and also the new set-top box system that will support both PVR and HD. They plan to launch the test run at Bangkok ICT Expo in November 2007.

Channels that they claim to be under the test run includes Barclay's Premier League HD, Discovery HD, National Geographic Channel HD, History Channel HD, and some HD programs on True Series. Even though AXN has claimed that they have filmed the Amazing Race Asia Season 2 program with High Definition cameras, they however have not broadcast any of HD programming in South East Asia yet.

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