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Tube anemones or Tube-dwelling anemones look very similar to sea anemones, but belong to an entirely different subclass of anthozoans. They are solitary, living buried in soft sediments. Tube anemones live and can withdraw into tubes, which are made of secreted mucus and threads of nematocyst like organelles.


Image:Tube Dwelling Anemone Monterey Bay Aquarium.jpg|Tube-dwelling-anemone at Monterey Bay AquariummarkerImage:Ceriantharia.jpgFile:Ceriantharia_(Tube_anemone)_pink.jpgFile:Ceriantharia_(Tube_anemone).jpgFile:Cerianthidae_(Tube_anemone).jpgFile:Cerianthidae_(Tube-dwelling_anemone).jpg


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