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"Tubthumping" is a song by the Englishmarker band Chumbawamba. The single release went to #2 on the UK Singles Chart, #6 on the Billboard Hot 100, #1 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart and #1 on the Italian Singles Chart. The cover art for the single is based on the logo for the manufacturing company of Arm & Hammer. The song is often misnamed as "I Get Knocked Down", since the word "Tubthumping" is never said in the song.

The liner notes on the album Tubthumper, from which "Tubthumping" was the first single, puts the song in a radical context, quoting a UK anti-road protester, Paris 1968 graffiti, details about the famous McLibel case and the short story "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner". The album version of the song opens with a sample of a monologue performed by Pete Postlethwaite in the movie Brassed Off:

Truth is, I thought it mattered. I thought that music mattered. But does it bollocks! Not compared to how people matter.

Near the end of the song, the melody of the Prince of Denmark's March is played on a trumpet.

"Tubthumping" was number 12 on Rolling Stone's list of the 20 Most Annoying Songs.

In the UK, a tubthumper is a politician. The U.S. equivalent of tubthumping is "going on the stump" (campaigning).

The band did a few versions in other languages, for example in French which played in Quebecmarker.

A reference to "pissing the night away" is British slang for drinking the night away (not urinating), or just wasting the evening doing nothing. A 'radio-friendly' UK version was also recorded using 'kissing the night away' instead of 'pissing'.

In the late 1990s, the band received an offer of $1.5 million from Nikemarker to use the song in a World Cup advertisement. According to the band it took about "thirty seconds to say no.". But, in the end, they made a contract with EA games which used the song as opening theme for the World Cup '98 game.

"Weird Al" Yankovic covered portions of this song in his song "Polka Power!"

Mixed martial artist Forrest Griffin chose this as his entrance song in UFC 106 against Tito Ortiz.

Single Versions

12" Promo (Universal, 1997)
  1. "Tubthumping (MAWR Mix)"
  2. "Tubthumping (Original album mix)"
  3. "Tubthumping (Timeshard Mix)"
  4. "Tubthumping (Gunshot Mix)"

CD 1 single (EMI, 1997)
  1. "Tubthumping" (Original Recording)
  2. "Farewell to the Crown" (featuring Oysterband)
  3. "Football Song"
  4. "Tubthumping (Butthumping Mix)"
  5. "Tubthumping (Danny Boy Remix)"

CD1 single (EMI, 1997)
  1. "Tubthumping" (Original/Invincible Mix)"
  2. "Tubthumping (Butthumping Mix)"
  3. "Tubthumping (Danny Boy Remix)"
  4. "Tubthumping (MAWR Mix)"
  5. "Tubthumping (Timeshard Mix)"
  6. "Tubthumping (Gunshot Mix)"

Music video

A music video was released to promote the single, and it can be seen here.In television, the song made an appearance in The Simpsons episode "Little Girl in the Big Ten" where Homer can be heard singing part of the song while drunk, however, he sings his own version, which goes "I get knocked down, I get knocked down again, you are never gonna knock me down" and "I drink a whiskey drink, I drink a chocolate drink, and when I have to pee, I use the kitchen sink, I sing a song that reminds me I'm a urinating guy" [230288] In the Home Improvement series finale the song was set to a montage of the main character's many pratfalls and accidents. In episode 8.1 of CSI: Miami, Eric Delko is seen in a 1997 flashback scene driving his truck and singing along to this song.


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