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Twenty:20 (2008) is a Malayalam action thriller film directed by Joshi, written by Uday Krishnan and Sibi K. Thomas, and produced by Dileep. The film features an ensemble cast; known for starring all the major actors in the Malayalam film industry, and was referred to as mother of all multi-starrers. The actors worked without pay in order to raise funds for the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA). The film's music is composed by Berny-Ignatius and Suresh Peters.

Upon its release on 5 November 2008, the film was greeted with positive reviews from critics and record-breaking collections from the box-office. The first week distributors share of the film stood at Rs. 5.72 crore. The film managed to secure third position(with 7 prints,4 in chennai) in the Top 5 list of Tamilnadumarker box-office in the opening week, a rare feat for a Malayalam film. Twenty:20 is also the Malayalam film with widest opening inside and outside Kerala. The total number of opening prints releasing inside Kerala was 117 while outside Kerala approximately 25 prints were released on 21 November 2008, including 4 prints in the USAmarker and 11 prints in the UAEmarker.


Ramesh Nambiar (Mammooty) is a very successful lawyer, Devaraja Prathapa Varma (Mohanlal) is a rich business man, Antony Punnekkadan IPS (Suresh Gopi) is a tough and suave police officer. When Arun Kumar (Indrajith Sukumaran) murders a girl at Banglore Medical College, Ramesh's sister Ashwathy Nambiar (Bhavana), witnesses the murder. Arun, along with his two relatives Mahindran and Ganeshan (Manoj K. Jayan & Shammi Thilakan, respectively), injects morphine in Ashwathy's body and Arun rapes her. Karthik (Dileep), Ashwathy's lover and Devaraja's brother, attempts to save Ashwathy but is killed. Antony is in charge of the case and he arrests Arun. However, Arun is saved from case by advocate Ramesh Nambiar who is unaware that Arun is behind his sister's ill fate. This incident enrages Devaraja and he himself seeks revenge on his brother's killers and kills Arun. But Antony witnesses this and arrests Devaraja. Devaraja and his assistants play a drama and tricks Ramesh into believing that Devaraja is innocent. Ramesh, with his excellence in the court, saves Devaraja from the case. But after that Devaraja reveals to Ramesh that he is the real killer and he played a trick on Ramesh as a vengeance for saving Arun. this triggers a feud between Devaraja and Ramesh. When Devaraja tries to kill the remaining two relatives who were involved in the crime, Ramesh traps him and he is eventually arrested by Antony. After that Ramesh comes to know about what really happened to his sister through Vinod Bhaskher (Jayaram) her teacher. Devaraja escapes from police custody and, in the climax, he kills Ganesh and joins with Ramesh to kill Mahindran. Finally, Madhavan (Siddique) is killed by Antony.


Twenty:20 is made as a fundraiser for AMMA. The script was written by Uday Krishna and Sibi K Thomas. As a producer, Dileep is the main investor in the project and he bought the rights of the film for 4 crore. He handed over the money to AMMA officially a year before. The film shooting officially started at a ceremony held in Hotel White Fort, Kochimarker with Dileep handing over the advance to Joshi. The filming was primarily held in Kochimarker and Thiruvananthapurammarker. A song sequence in the film was shot in Mauritiusmarker. The shooting of the film was started on 7 December 2007 and finished in October 2008.


Actor Role Actor Role
Mammootty Adv.Ramesh Nambiar (Main Role) Mohanlal Devaraja Pratapa Varma (Main role)
Suresh Gopi Antony Punnekkadan IPS Jayaram Dr. Vinod Bhaskar
Dileep Karthik Varma (Devaraja's Brother) Sreenivasan Constable Kunjappan
Kunchacko Boban Sabu Prithviraj Tony
Jayasurya James Manikuttan Reji
Mukesh CI Jayachandran Manoj K. Jayan Mahindran
Kalabhavan Mani Pappachan, a Rowdy Indrajith Arun Kumar
Suraj Venjaramood Gumasthan Ramu Babu Antony Vikram Bhai
Jagathy Sreekumar Sankarettan Anil Murali assistant of Devaraja
Madhu Warrier assistant of Devaraja Edavela Babu Josuttan
Baiju assistant of Devaraja Madhu Rtd Justice Vishwanadha Menon
Janardanan Ramakrishnapilla Innocent Kuttikrishnan, Servant in Menon's House
Lalu Alex D I G Krishnadas Biju Kuttan Ottu Murali, a burglur
Harisree Ashokan Poottu Varkky, a burglur Salim Kumar SP Indhuchoodan, Kapeesh
Cochin Haneefa Peruchayi Vasu, a burglur Maniyanpilla Raju SI Gopi
Indrans Govindan Jagadish police constable Nakulan
Siddique Madhavan Saikumar Minister Mathaayi
T.P. Madhavan Francis Biju Menon ASP Jacob Eerali
Mamukkoya Khadar Baburaj Stephen, a rowdy
Shammi Thilakan Ganesh Vijayaraghavan Balan
Madhupal Shekharankutty Mala Aravindan Kurup, a tea shop owner
Undapakru a worker in the tea shop Babu Namboodiri Justice Kaimal
Kaviyoor Ponnamma Bharathi Amma, wife of Vishwanadha Menon Sukumari Leelamma
Nayantara Diana, Club Dancer Gopika Devi, wife of Ramesh Nambiar
Kavya Madhavan Ancy, Drama Artist Bhavana Ashwathy, Karthik's lover, Ramesh Nambiar's sister
Sindhu Menon Padmini, wife of Mahindran Kalpana Para Mary, a burglur
Karthika Alice, wife of Antony Punnekkadan Radhika Radhika, Vinod Bhaskar's lover
Jyothirmayi Jyothi, Fashion Show Host Usha Latha


Since the announcement of the film, there were several controversies surrounding Twenty 20:

Twenty 20 was the biggest production Malayalam film industry has ever seen in terms of size of cast and number of schedules. Originally, the shooting of the film was planned to be completed in one schedule between 7 December 2007 to 27 January 2008. Reports surfaced in July 2008 which suggested that star egos were delaying production of the film and that the AMMA may have to call a meeting to sort out the issues. The reliability of the reports notwithstanding, the film was completed in 20 schedules.

Meera Jasmine, who was slated to act in the film opposite Dileep, dropped out citing shortage of dates. There were reports that the AMMA was planning a ban on her regarding the issue. However no ban was pronounced and Meera Jasmine was replaced with Bhavana. This made Meera Jasmine, along with Navya Nair, the only major artists in the industry without a role in the film.

The film was initially supposed to be released in 70 A-Class centres across Keralamarker. The owners of B and C Class theatres demanded the film be released in their theatres also. Finally it was decided to release the film in 117 centres including selected B and C Class theatres.

After the release of theatrical posters there were reports that Mohanlal fans were unhappy about the positioning of the star in the main poster. The poster had Mammooty at the centre with Suresh Gopi and Jayaram to his right, and Mohanlal and Dileep to his left. There was also reports that Mohanlal fans were planning to boycott the film. However after the release of the film, people came to know that Mohanlal had more importance than Mammootty.

The film was shown with 50% hiked ticket fares on the opening day, and the distributors were planning to continue with the hiked rate for two more days. The producers also managed to get a government order sanctioning this. However, the plan had to be scrapped after a stay by the High Court of Keralamarker in response to a case filed on the matter.


Music release

The audio launch of the film was held in a function at Hotel Travancore Court, Eranakulam. AMMA president and actor Innocent released the audio CD by handing it over to actress Manju Warrier, who is the wife of actor Dileep, the producer of the film. The music rights of the film was reportedly purchased with a record price by Manorama music. The music CD pack carries a bonus VCD of the video film The Making of Twenty:20. There are three songs in the album. One by the composers Berny-Ignatius (Sa re ga ma pa) and others by Suresh Peters.

Track list

There are three tracks in the album. Three vocals and the karaoke versions of them. The lyrics of the songs are penned by Gireesh Puthenchery.
Song Singer(s) Composer Notes
Oh priya Shankar Mahadevan, Jyotsna Suresh Peters Picturised on Dileep, Bhavana
He dil deewana George Peter, Suresh Peters, Sunitha Saradhi Suresh Peters Picturised on Nayantara, Kunchako Boban, Prithviraj, Jayasurya, Manikuttan, Indrajith etc.
Sa ri ga ma pa Yesudas, Madhu Balakrishnan, Afsal, Franko, Vineeth Sreenivasan, Jassie Gift, Chitra, Sujatha, Jyotsna, Reemy Tomy, Anitha Berny-Ignatius


Twenty:20 was released in 117 centres on 5 November 2008. The film was received with overwhelmingly positive reviews by critics and with record collections at the box office. It was graded as a 'All-Time Blockbuster' grossing $7 million at the box gave its vedict as "rocking" and called the film "stylish, racy and never a dull moment super entertainer." The reviewer went on to write that the film "is a winner all the way" and that "it is a blockbuster in the making and is refreshingly fresh, innovative entertaining and highly recommended" rated the film 3/5. The reviewer called film "surprisingly good" and gave credit to the producer for "designing a miracle". However, the reviewer also complained that "it was disappointing to see that youngsters like Prithviraj, Jayasurya and Kunchako Boban reduced to group dancers in Nayanthara's item number."The Malayalam Webdunia review called the film a "100% entertainer" and lauded director Joshi and screenwriters Sibi K. Thomas - Udayakrishna for giving equal importance to superstars Mammootty and Mohanlal. The ( subsidiary) review was also generally favourable. The reviewer called the film "an entertainer", and was happy that "there is a story". He also praised the makers for maintaining the balance among the major cast. He found the character of S.P. Antony Punnakkadan, played by Suresh Gopi as the most developed and best acted one. In the negative side, he complains that the film is just an entertainer and nothing more. He was also of the opinion that though the comedy track was funny, most of them were mere rehashes of old ideas. He complained that logic is missing in the story was particularly displeased with the music and the lyrics of the songs.

The film was well received at the box office also. The film broke the collection record for first day with Rs. 2.6 crores gross and grossed over 10 crores in first week itself. The film was shown with 50% hiked ticket fares on the releasing day, and was planning to continue the hiked rate for three days. The producers also managed to get a government order regarding this. However, the plan had to be scrapped after a stay by the High Court of Keralamarker.

The first week distributors share of the film stood at Rs. 5.72 crores, making it the highest grossing Malayalam film in the opening week. Twenty:20 opened at the external market on 21 November 2008 with approximately 25 prints, including 4 prints in the USA, 11 prints in the UAE, and 7 prints in Tamilnadu.

The DVD of the Movie was released by Moser Baer home entertainment in India.



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