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Twilight is a fictional character created by Joss Whedon for Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight, the canonical comic book continuation of the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Twilight first appeared in the first issue of the run, "The Long Way Home", but his or her identity was first confirmed in the final issue of the "No Future For You". Within the series narrative, Twilight is a villain, although many details about the character remain unrevealed.


Character history

Twilight makes his first appearance in the first issue of Season Eight from a birds eye view, where he is overlooking Buffy's headquarters in Scotland. Little is known about Twilight such as his identity or his true goals, only little information about it has been revealed. It was revealed at the end of "No Future For You", however, that Twilight is the leader of an Initiative-like group that shares his name. He views the expanded ranks of Slayers as a threat to humanity no better than an army of demons, and plans to bring about an end of magic, both good and evil. In "Anywhere But Here", the demon Sephrilian points out the irony of Twilight being Buffy's enemy: his ultimate goal is the destruction of all demons and closing the Hellmouths, essentially what Buffy has been fighting for all these years.

In "A Beautiful Sunset", Twilight confronts Buffy and Satsu while they are slaying a group of vampires. He instantly knocks out Satsu and flies Buffy into the air. The battle continues with Buffy and Twilight, with Twilight being the stronger of the two. He says that he came "just to talk". Although there has been some evidence linking the character to Buffy's past, such as his line to Buffy when he first confronts her: "The Chosen One. Always in pain... and always complaining", and his later statement, "I know that move, Slayer", Twilight's true identity has not yet been revealed, despite a mislead in the issue. He is later seen overseeing his followers Amy Madison and Warren Mears orchestrate a mystical missile attack on Buffy's Scottish headquarters, while Riley Finn promises him that his rendezvous with Buffy in New York was a success: they have convinced her that Riley is a spy. By "Retreat", Twilight has devised a means to trace Buffy through the organisation's use of magic, ranging from Willow's spells to the Slayer's strength. Under siege in their new headquarters and losing Slayers to demon attack, he forces the converged Slayer forces to Tibet and then unsuccessfully tries to trace them further. He eventually arrives as close as Mongoliamarker before saying to his lieutenants Amy, Warren and Riley that all they can do is wait for the Slayers (who are learning to suppress their powers) to slip up. He mentions out loud that he "knows" Buffy.

Powers and abilities

Twilight can fly with great ease and seems to have maintained a great level of maneuverability, able to fight in mid-flight. He also possesses superhuman strength and has mastered several fighting skills. Buffy has met him only once so far, an encounter in which he easily bested both Buffy and Satsu.


Twilight has appeared four times in the canonical Buffyverse:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight:

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