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Tygers of Pan Tang are a heavy metal band, formed in 1978 and originating from Whitley Baymarker, Englandmarker. They are a notable band of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement. The band is named after an elite group of chaos-worshiping warriors, called the Tigers of Pan Tang, in Michael Moorcock's Elric stories.


Early days, 1978-1983

The band was originally formed by Jess Cox (vocals), Robb Weir (guitar), Richard "Rocky" Laws (bass), and Brian Dick (drums). They were first signed by local independent label Neat Records before MCA gave them a major record deal. After several singles, they released their first album ,Wild Cat, in 1980. The album reached the #18 in Britain in the first week of its release.

Subsequently John Sykes (formerly of Streetfighter, later in Badlands, Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake, and Blue Murder) was added as second guitarist. Jess Cox then had a falling out with the others and quit, to be replaced by Persian Risk vocalist Jon Deverill. This lineup released Spellbound in 1981.

Sykes quit after the release of the third album, Crazy Nights, to audition for Ozzy Osbourne's band. He was replaced by ex-Penetration guitarist Fred Purser who had to learn the set in two days before touring.

Tygers of Pan Tang's fourth album, The Cage, was released in 1982. The band then had a disagreement with MCA, who were not prepared to promote them unless they agreed to play more cover recordings (following the band's hit with "Love Potion No. 9"). They subsequently tried to break free from their contract, but MCA's demands exceeded the willingness of any other record company to pay to free the band, and the band broke up in frustration.

John Sykes later achieved success with Thin Lizzy and then Whitesnake, and as a guitar virtuoso in Japan.

Reformation, 1985-1987

In 1985, Jon Deverill and Brian Dick reformed the band with Steve Lamb (formerly of Sergeant) on guitar, Neil Sheppard on guitar, and ex-Warrior, ex-Satan member Clin Irwin on bass. Dave Donaldson later replaced Clin Irwin. Meanwhile, Robb Weir and Jess Cox formed spin-off band Tyger-Tyger.

The reformed Tygers of Pan Tang released The Wreck-Age in summer 1985 through Music for Nations, and Burning in the Shade in 1987, through Zebra Records. Burning in the Shade received poor reviews and they disbanded again.

Various compilations and live albums were produced by the band's two first labels, Neat Records and MCA.

Latter days, 1999-present

During the 1998 Wacken Open Airmarker festival, Jess Cox joined on stage with Blitzkrieg, playing three old Tygers songs. The audience's response was very positive, and a year later, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Tygers of Pan Tang and the 10th Wacken Open Air, the band was invited to play on the main stage. Brian Dick and Rocky were unable to join the band, but the Tygers (now Jess Cox and Robb Weir, backed up by Blitzkrieg guitarist Glen Howes, bassist Gavin Gray, and drummer Chris Percy) did perform. Recordings of their performance resulted in the Live at Wacken album.

In 2001, Robb Weir reformed the band as the only original member. The other musicians were Tony Lidell (vocals), Dean Robertson (lead guitar), Brian West (bass), and Craig Ellis (drums). They released Mystical through Z-Records. They toured in several festivals, but eventually were by Z-Records in 2002, due to poor record sales.

The band went on to produce a split album with Girlschool and Oliver/Dawson Saxon on Communique Records, and in 2004 released Noises in the Cathouse with new singer Richie Wicks.

Later that year, Richie Wicks left and was replaced by Italian vocalist Jacopo Meille. Jon Devrill went on to work as an actor under the name of John Deville, and as of October 2007 was performing in 'The Sound Of Music' at the London Palladium with Television star Connie Fisher.

In October 2007 the band issued a limited edition five track EP titled Back And Beyond, which featured reworkings of three Tygers songs from the early 1980s, along with two new tracks taken from their forthcoming album. Animal Instinct was released on May 19, 2008, the first with vocalist Jacopo Meille.


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  • "Don't Touch Me There" - 1979
  • "Rock 'N' Roll Man" - 1980
  • "Suzie Smiled" - 1980
  • "Euthanasia" - 1980
  • "Don't Stop By" - 1981
  • "Hellbound" - 1981 - #48 UK
  • "The Story So Far" - 1981
  • "Love Don't Stay" - 1981
  • "Do It Good" - 1982
  • "Making Tracks" - 1982
  • "Paris By Air" - 1982 - #63 UK
  • "Rendezvous" - 1982 - #49 UK
  • "Love Potion No.9" - 1982 - #45 UK
  • "Lonely at the Top" - 1983


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