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The Type 205 was a class of diesel-electric Germanmarker hunter-killer U-boat submarines. They were single-hull vessels optimized for the use in the shallow Baltic Seamarker. The Type 205 is a direct evolution of the Type 201 class with lengthened hull, new machinery and sensors. The biggest difference though is that ST-52 steel is used for the pressure hull since the Type 201's non-magnetic steel proved to be problematic. Type 206, the follow-on class, finally succeeded with non-magnetic steel hulls.

The Type 205 was in service with the Danish Navy until 2004, in which it was known as Narhvalen class. The Danish boats differed slightly from the German ones to meet special Danish demands.

List of boats

Submarines built for the Bundesmarine:
Name Call
Launched Com-
S180 U1 June 6, 1967 November 29, 1991 scrapped
S181 U2 October 11, 1966 March 19, 1993 scrapped
S183 U4 November 19, 1962 August 1, 1974 scrapped
S184 U5 July 4, 1963 May 17, 1974 scrapped
S185 U6 July 4, 1963 August 22, 1974 scrapped
S186 U7 March 16, 1964 September 30, 1965 scrapped
S187 U8 July 22, 1964 October 9, 1974 scrapped
S188 U9 April 11, 1967 June 3, 1993 Museum ship, Technikmuseum Speyermarker
S189 U10 November 28, 1967 February 16, 1993 Museum ship, Wilhelmshavenmarker
S190 U11 DRDF June 21, 1968 October 30, 2003 Museum ship, Burgstaaken, Fehmarnmarker
S191 U12 DRDE January 14, 1969 June 21, 2005
Submarines built for the Kongelige Dansk Marine:
S320 Narhvalen September 10, 1968 February 27, 1970 October 16, 2003 scrapped
S321 Nordkaperen December 18, 1969 December 22, 1970 February 2, 2004 scapped
The German boats have been built by Howaldtswerkemarker, the Danish by The Naval Dockyard, Copenhagenmarker.

  • U1 and U2 have originally built as Type 201 submarines with pressure hulls made of non-magnetic steel, but were rebuilt as Type 205 with new pressure hulls out of normal steels after corrosion problems and small cracks have been detected.
  • U1 was given back to Nordseewerke and had been used to test an experimental closed-cycle diesel air-independent propulsion system before being scrapped
  • U11 was transformed to a Type 205A double-hulled boat (the outer hull filled with polystyrene foam to make it unsinkable) and used as torpedo target
  • U12 was used for sonar trials as Type 205B

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