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official_name = Tyrol
native_name = Tirol
native_name_lang = de
settlement_type = State of Austria
image_flag = Tirol Dienstflagge (Variation).png
flag_size = 120px
image_shield = Tirol Wappen.PNG
shield_size = 75px
image_map = Karte A Tirol.svg
subdivision_type = Country
subdivision_name =
seat_type = Capital
seat = Innsbruckmarker
leader_party = ÖVP
leader_title = Governor
leader_name = Günther Platter
area_total_km2 = 12648
population_total = 701556
population_density_km2 = auto
timezone1 = CET
utc_offset1 = +1
timezone1_DST = CEST
utc_offset1_DST = +2
blank_name_sec1 =
€ billion ( ) }}
blank1_name_sec1 =
€ ( ) }}
blank1_name_sec2 = Votes in Bundesrat
blank1_info_sec2 = 5 (of 62)
blank_name_sec2 = NUTS Region
blank_info_sec2 = AT3
iso_code = AT-7
website =
footnotes =}}
The districts of Tyrol.
Tyrol ( ) is a state or Bundesland, located in the west of Austriamarker. It comprises the Austrian part of the historical region of Tyrol.

The state is split into two parts – called North Tyrol and East Tyrolmarker – by a 20 km-wide strip of land where the state of Salzburgmarker borders directly on the Italianmarker Province of Bolzano-Bozen (Alto Adige/South Tyrol).

North Tyrol borders Bavariamarker (Germanymarker) in the north, the state of Vorarlbergmarker in the west, Italymarker and Switzerlandmarker in the south and Salzburgmarker in the east. East Tyrol also borders Carinthiamarker in the east.

The highest mountain in the state is the Großglocknermarker in the Hohe Tauernmarker, with an elevation of 3,798 m (12,461 ft.). This is second only to the highest mountain of South Tyrol, the Ortlermarker, 3,905 m (12,812 ft.).

The capital is Innsbruckmarker. The town is known for its university, especially the modern techniques in medicine. Tyrol is popular for its famous skiing resorts, such as Kitzbühelmarker, Ischglmarker or St. Antonmarker. Other larger towns are Kufsteinmarker, Schwazmarker, Reuttemarker and Landeckmarker.

Administrative divisions

The state is divided into 8 districts (Bezirke), and one Statutarstadt, Innsbruckmarker. The districts and their administrative centers, in order from west to east, and north to south:

Statutory city:

North Tyrol:

East Tyrol:


The Americans' assumed perimeter of Nazi Germany's planned National Redoubt.
Historically, the región was part of County of Tyrol and formed part of the Holy Roman Empire, later the Austrian Empiremarker and finally a Kronland of Austria-Hungary, which extended beyond the boundaries of today's state. Historical references to Tyrol (before World War I) include today's Tyrol (North Tyrol and East Tyrolmarker), but also the Italianmarker provinces of Bolzano-Bozen (Alto Adige or South Tyrol) and Trento (Trentino).

Nazi Germany did make plans in late 1944 to make a last ditch stand in Tyrol, but it was too late and nothing actually took place at the envisaged National Redoubt.

After World War I, Alto Adige/South Tyrol and Trentino became part of Italy, according to the provisions of the Treaty of Saint Germain.

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