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U.S. Route 1/9 is the concurrency of U.S. Route 1 and U.S. Route 9 from their junction in Woodbridge Townshipmarker, New Jerseymarker north to New York Citymarker, New Yorkmarker, United Statesmarker. It is commonly known as "1 and 9", and many signs combine the two numbers into one shield, separated by a hyphen (1-9) or, less commonly, an ampersand (1&9).

The south end of the concurrency is the merge of U.S. 1 and U.S. 9 in Woodbridge. Route 1, which traverses the entire East Coast from the Florida Keysmarker to northern Maine, comes from the southwest, where it serves the city of New Brunswickmarker and Edison Townshipmarker. Route 9, which runs primarily along the Jersey Shore, comes from the south, fresh of an interchange with the Garden State Parkway, which it parallels for most of its course.

From there the route runs north as a surface road with some jughandles through Lindenmarker and Elizabethmarker. At Route 81, a freeway begins, carrying the route around the west side of Newark Liberty International Airportmarker and onto the Pulaski Skywaymarker. The Pulaski Skyway continues for another into Kearnymarker and Jersey Citymarker in Hudson Countymarker. Trucks, prohibited from the Skyway, must use the parallel U.S. Route 1/9 Truck between the eastern end of Newark and Tonnele Circlemarker in Jersey City.

At the east end of the Skyway, US 1 and 9 exit at Tonnelle Circlemarker and merge with the truck route, and again become a surface road to the merge with U.S. Route 46 in Palisades Parkmarker. The three routes run together on an early freeway, merging into the George Washington Bridgemarker approach (Interstate 95) and continuing over the bridge. US 46 ends at the state line in the middle of the bridge, but US 1 and US 9 cross the bridge into New York City. Shortly after entering Manhattanmarker, U.S. Route 9 leaves Interstate 95 at Exit 1 onto West 178th Street and Broadwaymarker. U.S. Route 1 continues with Interstate 95 into the Bronxmarker before exiting onto Webster Avenue (later to reach Boston Post Road).

Major intersections

County Location Mile Destinations Notes
Middlesexmarker Woodbridge Townshipmarker 35.89 Interchange; southbound exit and northbound entrance
35.89 Interchange; southbound exit and northbound entrance
36.42 First cloverleaf interchange in the United Statesmarker
36.85 Smith Street
37.15 Avenel Street (CR 650) – Coloniamarker, Avenelmarker
37.76 South Inman Avenue, Rogers Street Interchange
Unionmarker Rahwaymarker 38.85
39.39 Grand Avenue (CR 613)
Lindenmarker 40.74 Stiles Street (CR 615)
41.06 Wood Avenue (CR 617)
42.30 , Staten Islandmarker Interchange; northbound exit and southbound entrance
42.65 Park Avenue (CR 616)
Elizabethmarker 43.11 , Staten Islandmarker, Goethals Bridgemarker Bayway Circle
45.44 North Avenue (CR 624) Southbound exit is via NJ 81
South end of freeway
45.73 Northbound exit is via North Avenue
46.00 Service Road Southbound exit and entrance
Essexmarker Newarkmarker 46.28 McClellan Street
46.75 Newark Liberty International Airportmarker
47.10 Northbound exit and southbound entrance
47.35 Haynes Avenue
48.00 South Area Northbound exit and entrance
48.00 Executive Drive Southbound exit and entrance
48.60 Port Newarkmarker, South Area, North Area
49.00 Frontage Road
49.55 Delancey Street – Newarkmarker Northbound exit and southbound entrance
49.91 Wilson Avenue – Newarkmarker Southbound exit and northbound entrance
51.43 U.S. Route 1/9 Truck Northbound exit and southbound entrance
51.43 Raymond Boulevard – Newarkmarker Southbound exit and northbound entrance
Hudsonmarker Kearnymarker 52.33 South Kearny Southbound exit and northbound entrance
Jersey Citymarker 54.00 Broadway Northbound exit and southbound entrance
North end of freeway
54.61 Tonnelle Circlemarker
54.61 U.S. Route 1/9 Truck Tonnelle Circlemarker
Manhattan Avenue, County Road (CR 653)
56.24 Secaucus Road (CR 678) – Jersey Citymarker Interchange
North Bergenmarker
57.27 , Lincoln Tunnel
57.74 Paterson Plank Road (CR 681), West Side Avenue, Union Turnpike (CR 676) Interchange
58.21 Bergen Turnpike (CR 691)
Bergenmarker Fairviewmarker 61.07 Fairview Avenue (CR 48)
Ridgefieldmarker 61.90 Hendricks Causeway (CR 17)
61.97 Edgewater Avenue (CR 50)
Palisades Parkmarker 62.80 Interchange; south end of US 46 overlap
63.51 Sixth Street, Fifth Street (CR 501) – Palisades Parkmarker Interchange
Fort Leemarker 63.95 Interchange; southbound exit and northbound entrance
64.49 Main Street (CR 56) – Fort Leemarker, Leoniamarker Interchange
64.88 Southbound exit and northbound entrance; south end of I-95 overlap
64.88 Southbound exit is via NJ 67 exit
65.30 Signed as exit 73 southbound
65.60 Southbound exit and northbound exit; signed as exit 74
66.06 George Washington Bridgemarker over the Hudson River
New Yorkmarker New Yorkmarker
Northbound exit and southbound entrance
Northbound exit and southbound entrance

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