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U.S. Route 113 is a spur of U.S. Route 13. It currently runs for 73 miles (117 km) from U.S. 13 in Pocomoke City, Marylandmarker to Delaware Route 1 in Milford, Delawaremarker. It passes through the states of Delawaremarker and Marylandmarker. Prior to 2004, U.S. 113 ran for another , most of it in concurrency with Delaware Route 1, into Dovermarker and rejoined U.S. 13 near the Delaware State Capitolmarker complex. Although redesignation was approved in 2004, U.S. 113 reassurance signs were finally removed by 2005, leaving the Delaware Route 1 signs in its place. (The part in Dover which is not also part of Delaware Route 1 became known as Bay Road.)

An old section of U.S. 113, known as U.S. 113A or Alternate Route 113, split off of U.S. 113 in Little Heaven, near Frederica, Delawaremarker, traveled through the small towns of Magnolia and Rising Sun, before merging onto U.S. 13 in Dover.

In Maryland, dualization is of high priority on the route, as there are numerous accidents that occur along the corridor. US 113 was recently dualized in northern Worcester County, MDmarker between Berlinmarker and the Delaware border.

Route description


U.S. Route 113 heads in a northeasterly direction from US 13 in Pocomoke City in Worcester Countymarker on the four-lane, divided Worcester Highway, the name which US 113 retains through the state of Maryland. Just outside of Pocomoke City, it intersects the eastern terminus of Maryland Route 756, a short route that connects back to US 13 in Pocomoke City. US 113 then passes through a portion of the Pocomoke River State Forest before reaching the town of Snow Hillmarker.

US 113 bypasses Snow Hill to the east with U.S. Route 113 Business passing through the center of town. US 113 Business was known as Maryland Route 394 until 1997. The US 113 bypass of Snow Hill intersects Maryland Route 12 first and then Maryland Route 365, where it narrows to a two-lane, undivided road.

The highway continues to the northeast, widening back to four lanes, before reaching Berlinmarker. On the south end of Berlin, Maryland Route 818 branches from US 113 and passes through the town on Main Street with US 113 running through the eastern part of town. US 113 intersects Maryland Route 376, which heads east to provide access to Assateague Islandmarker. It then intersects Maryland Route 346, which preserves a former alignment of U.S. Route 50 and then the present alignment of US 50 at a cloverleaf interchange.

Between Berlin and the Delaware border, US 113 was recently moved to a new four-lane, divided alignment with the former two-lane alignment becoming Maryland Route 575. The realigned US 113 intersects the Maryland Route 90 Ocean City Expressway at a partial cloverleaf interchange. The interchange with the former alignment (MD 575) is no longer in use. The route then heads north, intersecting the northern terminus of Maryland Route 589 near Ocean Pinesmarker, the western terminus of Maryland Route 367 in Bishop and the eastern terminus of Maryland Route 610 before crossing into Delaware.


U.S. Route 113 enters Sussex Countymarker, Delaware from Maryland in the town of Selbyvillemarker, where it becomes known as DuPont Boulevard. The road is named this because this highway, stretching from the southern to northern boundaries of the State of Delaware, was entirely funded by Thomas Coleman DuPont. It was begun in 1911 and completed in 1923 at a cost of $4,856,098.20 and stretched . In 1925 the DuPont Highway was added to the United States Highway System as U.S. 113 and U.S. 13. In Selbyville, US 113 intersects Delaware Route 54, a route that straddles between Delaware and Maryland throughout its course. It then heads north past Frankfordmarker and continues to Dagsboromarker, where it intersects Delaware Route 26.

Between Dagsboro and Millsboromarker, US 113 intersects Delaware Route 20, which follows the route until just north of Millsboro. In Millsboro the two routes intersect Delaware Route 24 and Delaware Route 30, which share an alignment through Millsboro.

US 113 continues north solo towards the county seat of Georgetownmarker. Just south of Georgetown, it meets U.S. Route 9 Truck, which provides a truck bypass to the south of Georgetown for U.S. Route 9. US 9 Truck follows US 113 from this point up to the intersection with US 9 in Georgetown. US 113 then continues north, intersecting Delaware Route 18 and Delaware Route 404, before leaving Georgetown.

It then heads north through the Ellendale State Forest between the Georgetown and Ellendalemarker, where US 113 intersects Delaware Route 16. US 113 then heads due north towards the city of Milford, which straddles the border of Kentmarker and Sussex Counties.

US 113 bypasses the central business district of Milford to the west. It intersects Delaware Route 36 in the southern part of Milford. It then crosses the Mispillion River into Kent County, where it immediately intersects Delaware Route 14. US 113 then runs north through the outskirts of Milford and intersects Delaware Route 1 Business at the north end of town. The two routes continue together for a short distance before merging into northbound Delaware Route 1 at an interchange.


Original 1926 plan

In Maryland, the route is largely unchanged from what it is currently, with several exceptions. In Pocomoke, it followed what is now MD 756. In Snow Hill, it used what is now BUS US 113 (Market Street). It went through Newark on Newark Road and reconnected to its successor on a missing alignment. Used Shire Drive in Ironshire, continuing onto what is now Main Street in Berlin, past that to the present Berlin-Dover Road's segments. The route continued north into Delaware where it ended at U.S. Route 13 near the Delaware State Capitolmarker in Dovermarker.

Major upgrades and realignments

By 1940, the southern beginning was moved to its present corridor, creating MD 756. In 1960 with the new alignment of U.S. Route 50, US 113 was moved to its present, dualized bypass of Berlin with a full cloverleaf interchange with the road. The old alignment became MD 818. In the 1970s, the rest of US 113 began dualization. MD 394 was created when US 113 bypassed Snow Hillmarker. From US 13, US 113 was dualized to just south of Snow Hill. In 1997, MD 394 became Business US 113.

In the mid 2000s, the dualized section was extended to east of Snow Hill through Maryland Route 12. This intersection is known for its high crash rate. Steps have been taken to improve safety at this intersection (rumble strips, stop signs with "LOOK AGAIN" posted beneath them, flashing amber lights) while a permanent solution is put through development. Also, north of Berlinmarker, it was moved to its present alignment, all the way to the Delaware border. Old alignments have been named Maryland Route 575, given to Worcester County, or have been closed. Also, in 2004, truncation was approved for the section of US 113 between Dover and Milford, which was concurrent with DE 1 south of Dover Air Force Basemarker. The signs were removed by 2005, with the DE 1 designation the sole designation for the road between Milford and Dover Air Force Base and the road north of there simply becoming known as Bay Road. As a result of this truncation of US 113, US 113 Alternate, which ran from Little Heaven to Dover, lost its designation.

In 2008, the dualized section in Snow Hill continued northward. Plans have also been settled on for MD 12-- a diamond interchange will be built. MD 12 will fly over US 113, and the diamond ramps will intersect MD 12 at roundabouts. This type of interchange is common in the United Kingdommarker, and is known as a dumbbell interchange. In late 2008/early 2009, the dualized section south of Snow Hill was extended toward Newark.

As of November 19th, 2009 U.S. Route 113 has been dualized between Goody Hill Rd and Hayes Landing Road on a 2.5 Mile Stretch just south of berlin

Junction list

County Location Mile

Destinations Notes
Worcestermarker Pocomoke Citymarker 0.0
Snow Hillmarker 9.60 former MD 394
14.12 former MD 394
Berlinmarker 27.24 former US 113
28.88 former US 50
29.41 Interchange
29.84 former US 113
30.47 former US 113
31.88 Interchange
Showellmarker 32.86
Bishop 35.68
Marylandmarker/Delawaremarker border
Sussexmarker Selbyvillemarker 0.84
Dagsboromarker 6.58
Millsboromarker 8.58 South end of DE 20 overlap
11.70 North end of DE 20 overlap
Georgetownmarker 17.28 South end of US 9 Truck overlap
18.83 North end of US 9 Truck overlap
Ellendalemarker 27.96
Milfordmarker 34.53
Kentmarker 35.54
36.93 South end of DE 1 Bus. overlap
37.26 Interchange, access to north DE 1, access from south DE 1

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  1. Maryland State Highway Administration, Highway Location Reference, 2007
  2. DelDOT 2006 Traffic Count and Mileage Report

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