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U.S. Route 141 (US 141) is a north-south highway in the U.S. states of Michiganmarker and Wisconsinmarker. US 41 is its parent route. Its northern terminus, on US 41, is near Covington, Michigan; its southern terminus, with I-43 near Bellevue, Wisconsinmarker; it remains in existence in Green Bay, Wisconsinmarker as a surface street. From Green Bay northward, US 141 runs concurrently with the US 41 freeway to Abrams.

The section of US 141 north of Crystal Falls, Michiganmarker was U.S. Route 102 when the US Highway system was formed in 1926. It was replaced by US 141 in 1928 when the latter was extended north out of Wisconsin.

Route description

US 141 in the Green Bay area runs along city streets starting on the southeast side of the city running northwesterly towards Howardmarker. In Howard, it joins with US 41, running concurrently with the US 41 freeway north to Abramsmarker. US 141 splits off to the west as a four-lane expressway from Abrams to Poundmarker. From Pound north, US 141 is a two-lane rural highway northward. US 141 crosses into Michigan on the Menominee River bridge in Niagaramarker.

Once in Michigan, west of Quinnesecmarker, US 141 meets and joins US 2. The two highway designations run together westward into Iron Mountainmarker along Stephenson Avenue passing through a retail business corridor and into downtown. M-95 joins the two highways passing Lake Antoine. M-95 turns off north of town and US 2/US 141 crosses the Menominee River back into Wisconsin.

US 2/US 141 makes a short swing through Florence Countymarker, serving the communities of Spread Eaglemarker and Florencemarker. The only junction with another state trunk highway in Wisconsin on the northern section is with Highway 70 in Florence. The highway crosses back into Michigan on a bridge over the Brule River south of Crystal Fallsmarker

US 141 separates from the US 2 concurrency in Crystal Falls. Running northward, US 141 passes to the east of the Ottawa National Forest through rural Iron Countymarker. South of Covington, US 141 turns east along M-28 for before terminating at US 41.


The portion north of Crystal Fallsmarker was once U.S. Route 102. As originally proposed in 1925, US 102 was to have departed from US 2 at Rapid River, continued via Marquettemarker and westerly into Baraga Countymarker, where it would have ended at US 41 near Covington. However, when the final plan was approved and implemented in 1926-27, US 41 had been rerouted over the originally-proposed route of US 102, while US 102 had been moved to the west via a route originally proposed for US 41 from Crystal Falls to Covington. Only two years later, in 1928, the US 102 designation was removed when US 141 was extended northerly from Wisconsinmarker via Iron Mountainmarker to Crystal Falls, then north to Covington over the route formerly occupied by US 102. US 102 thus became the first U.S. highway to be decommissioned.

U.S. 141 had a southern terminus in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsinmarker before Interstate 43 supplanted almost all of the segment between Green Bay and Milwaukee. North of Green Bay it lies generally to the west of U.S. 41 except for a short segment that it shares with U.S. 41, and is a shorter route than U.S. 41 between the Keweenaw Peninsula and Green Bay. From Green Bay southward it lay to the east of U.S. 41 and was a shorter route than U.S. 41; much of it was close to the western shore of Lake Michiganmarker through such cities as Manitowocmarker; Sheboyganmarker; and Port Washingtonmarker. As Interstate 43 was completed in 1981 it supplanted all of U.S. 141 south of its current southern terminus.

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