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U.S. Route 54 is an east-west United States highway that runs northeast-southwest for 1,197 miles (1,926 km) from western Illinoismarker to El Paso, Texasmarker. It enters and leaves Texas twice. Union Pacific's Tucumcari Line runs along US-54 from El Paso all the way to Wichita, Kansasmarker which is about 2/3 of the whole route.

As of 2004, the highway's eastern terminus is Griggsville, Illinoismarker, at Interstate 72 and Illinois Route 107. Its western terminus is El Paso, Texasmarker, at the United States-Mexico border.

Route description

New Mexico

US Route 54 through New Mexico

US 54 enters New Mexicomarker in Chaparralmarker as part of the El Paso, Texasmarker Metro area network. It also services as a military highway to connect Fort Blissmarker in El Paso to Holloman Air Force Basemarker in Alamogordo, New Mexicomarker. The highway runs north through the central portion of the state connecting to Interstate 40 in Santa Rosa, New Mexicomarker following for to Tucumcarimarker. The highway then exits the state back into Texasmarker at Nara Visamarker. The highway runs for and through the major New Mexico cities of Alamogordomarker, Vaughnmarker, Santa Rosamarker and Tucumcarimarker.


US 54 begins in El Paso, Texasmarker at Loop 375 downtown. The highway serves as a major freeway for the Metro area's network running North/South along the city's eastern slope of the Franklin Mountains range. The highway runs through the city for approximately before reaching the New Mexicomarker State Line. Within the network it is a military connector for Fort Blissmarker and Holloman Air Force Basemarker.

The highway re-enters the Texas Panhandlemarker just beyond Nara Visa, New Mexico and continues northeast for to the Oklahoma border. Major Texas cities along US 54 are El Paso, North Hills, Dalhart and Stratford.

Major cities


US-54 runs through the Oklahoma Panhandlemarker from southwest to northeast. It enters at Texhomamarker, then continues northeast through Goodwellmarker before entering Guymonmarker. In Guymon, it intersects US-412 and begins a concurrency with US-64. It goes northeast through Optimamarker and Hookermarker, where US-64 turns east. After going northeast through Tyronemarker, it enters Kansas just before entering Liberal, Kansas.


US-54 enters the state from Oklahoma in Seward County, and travels through the cities of Liberalmarker and Plainsmarker, where it begins a concurrency with US-160 in Meade County. Just east of the city of Meademarker, US-54 splits from US-160 and continues in a northeasterly direction through Meade and Ford counties before beginning a long concurrency with US-400 in Mullinvillemarker in Kiowa County.

The highway then travels through the town of Greensburgmarker and continues as a two-lane road through Prattmarker, Cunninghammarker, and Kingmanmarker. The road becomes an at-grade expressway in eastern Kingman County in the outer suburbs of the Wichitamarker area.

The expressway continues into Sedgwick County, entering the city limits of Wichita near Wichita Mid-Continent Airportmarker. In Wichita, US-54/400 is known as the Kellogg Flyover, and has junctions with Interstate 235, Interstate 135 and Interstate 35, the Kansas Turnpike, before a junction with K-96. US-54/400/Kellogg Flyover is currently under construction in east Wichita where it is being expanded into a six lane freeway. Once completed, the Kellogg Flyover will be a long six lane freeway from 111th Street on the west side of Wichita to Cypress just before the I-35/Kansas Turnpike interchange on the east side.

The concurrency of US-54 and US-400 continues through Augustamarker in Butler County before US-400 heads east toward the Missourimarker state line, while US-54 forms a brief concurrency with US-77 through El Doradomarker. At El Dorado, US-54 continues its easterly course through rural areas in Greenwood and Woodson counties before passing through the cities of Iolamarker and Fort Scottmarker, with US-77 heading north to Junction Citymarker. US-54 exits Kansas in Bourbon County before reaching Nevada, Missourimarker.


In Missouri US 54 angles from southwest portion of the state to the northeast portion of the state. It is a major conduit through the Ozarksmarker and is the primary access road to Pomme de Terre Lakemarker and Lake of the Ozarksmarker. After entering the state it passes through Nevadamarker, El Dorado Springsmarker, Hermitagemarker, crossing Lake of the Ozarks the first time just north of Ha Ha Tonka State Parkmarker. It passes through Camdentonmarker and cross the lake a second time at the Grand Glaize Bridgemarker at Osage Beachmarker before bypassing Eldonmarker and going through Jefferson Citymarker where it crosses the Missouri Rivermarker at the Jefferson City Bridgemarker where it briefly overlaps U.S. Route 63. Just north of the bridge it splits passing through Fultonmarker, crossing Interstate 70 at Kingdom City, Missourimarker, passing through Mexicomarker, passing just north of Vandaliamarker, and ultimately crossing the Mississippi River into Illinois at Louisianamarker.

Jefferson City Bridge


In the state of Illinoismarker, U.S. 54 runs from the Champ Clark Bridgemarker over the Mississippi River to its terminus at Interstate 72 northeast near Griggsvillemarker. Before the eastern terminus was cut back to I-72, U.S. 54 continued northeast to downtown Chicagomarker. It is a rural, two-lane surface street for its entire length in Illinois. In the state of Illinois, U.S. 54 is long.


Until the 1970s it reached Chicago before it was truncated in favor of U.S. Route 36, Illinois Route 54, and U.S. Route 45.

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