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Udarnik ( ) is a Russianmarker term for a superproductive worker in the Soviet Unionmarker. The term is derived from the expression "udarnyi trud" for "superproductive, enthusiastic labour", which is often translated as strike labour (udar "shock, strike, blow"), and udarnik as strike worker, accordingly.

Related terms are "Shock labour team" (udarnaya brigada, often translated as strike brigade) and "Udarnik of Communist Labour" (Ударник коммунистического труда). This is in contrast to the phrase shock troops, which is a translation from a German term.

This terminology is also seen in texts related to work in other Communist states, most notably in the People's Republic of Chinamarker, North Koreamarker, People's Republic of Bulgaria and Socialist Yugoslaviamarker.

Necessary to have in view the term is used in Russia not only for a superproductive worker. Often "Udarnik" is synonym of "Drummer" in music band.

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