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The Udege language (also Udihe language, Udekhe language, Udeghe language) is a language of the Tungusic family. It contains a variety of loanwords from the closely-related Nanai language which have supplanted some older Udege vocabulary, such as

  • [banixe] (thank you), from Nanai [banixa], instead of Udege [usasa]
  • (work), from Nanai , instead of Udege
  • (book) from Nanai , itself a loanword from Chinese 單子 (Pinyin: ), which actually means "list"
In general, a large degree of mutual assimilation of the two languages has been observed in the Bikinmarker region. Udege has also exerted phonological influence on the Bikinmarker dialect of Nanai, including monopthongisation of diphthongs, denasalisation of nasal vowels, deletion of reduced final vowels, epenthetic vowel preventing consonant final words, and the deletion of intervocalic [w].


1931-1937 alphabet
A a Ā ā B в Є є D d Ӡ ӡ E e Ē ē
Æ æ F f G g H h I i Ī ī J j K k
L l M m N n Ņ ņ Ŋ ŋ O o Ō ō Ө ө
P p R r S s T t U u Ū ū W w X x
Y y Z z


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