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Ueckermünde ( ; is a municipality in the district of Uecker-Randowmarker in eastern Mecklenburg-Vorpommernmarker, near Germanymarker's border with Polandmarker (Police Countymarker).


The town, lying on the Oder Lagoonmarker (Oderhaff, Stettiner Haff) is Germany's northeasternmost port city. It is recognized by the state as a resort town, and it is home to the last palace of the Dukes of Pomerania still in existence on German soil. Emptying into the lagoon is the town's namesake, the river Ueckermarker; Ueckermünde means "mouth of the Uecker".

The surrounding area, even when seen from the odd spot that reaches 20 m above sea level, is almost flat. The city also gave the Ueckermünder Heide (heath and woodland) its name. It is Western Pomerania's biggest wooded area, and stretches from the northwest to the southeast over 50 km to the Polish town of Policemarker (Pölitz in German).

Parts of town

The following communities belong to Ueckermünde:
  • Bellin
  • Berndshof
  • Rosenmühl
  • Neuhof

Neighbouring communities

Clockwise from the east, these are Vogelsang-Warsin, Eggesin, Liepgarten, Lübs, Mönkebude and Grambin.


  • 1178 – First documentary mention.
  • 1546 – Palace built anew by Phillip I.
  • 1818 – Ueckermünde becomes district seat (until 1994)
  • 19th/20th centuries – Rowing traffic, brickmaking and iron were all important industries.

City partnerships

Towns near Ueckermünde


Ueckermünde can be reached from the Pasewalk-West or Pasewalk-Süd interchange on Autobahn A 20. Bundesstraße (Federal Highway) B 109 running between Anklammarker and Prenzlaumarker passes 13 km to the town's west. Ueckermünde is the last stop on the railway line from Pasewalkmarker. Passenger ships sail regularly to Szczecinmarker, Świnoujściemarker and Kamminkemarker on the island of Usedommarker. Also, the Berlin-Usedom cycling highway passes through the town.


  • Stadtschloss (palace with museum)
  • Stadthafen (harbour)
  • Historic marketplace
  • Ueckermünder Zoo
  • Mushroom museum
  • Strandhalle ("Beach Hall")

Sons and daughters of the city

  • Friedrich Magnus, Margrave of Baden-Durlach
  • Marianne Buggenhagen, 6-time Olympic medallist, 7-time world champion and 125-time East Germanmarker champion in disabled sports.

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