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The airmobile force ( ) is a highly mobile component of the Ukrainian Ground Forces.The airmobile forces consist of formations, units and elements of the Army and the Army aviation, which are well trained for combined activities behind the enemy lines.

The airmobile forces are in constant combat readiness and are the high mobility branch of forces, that is capable of conducting any task under any conditions.

Peacekeeping Missions

Patch of the 81st Tactical Group in Iraq.
In the 15 years after their creation Ukrainian paratroopers have served in peacekeeping missions to the Balkans, in Iraqmarker, Kuwaitmarker, Lebanonmarker, Sierra Leonemarker, Liberiamarker, Ethiopiamarker, Georgiamarker and Congo.

More than 240 members of the 81st Tactical Group in Iraq have served in different units of airmobile forces.


2001 Structure

In 2001 the Airmobile Force consisted of:

Unit Base # Location
Headquarters 1st Airmobile Division А0220 Bolhrad
25th Airborne Brigade А1126 Bolhrad
45th Airmobile Brigade А1533 Bolhrad
27th Mechanized Brigade А0664 Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyimarker
91st Artilery Regiment А0242 Veseliy Kut
95th Airmobile Brigade А0281 Zhytomyrmarker
79th Airmobile Regiment А0224 Mykolaivmarker
80th Airmobile Regiment А0284 Khyrivmarker

1st Airmobile Division
Separate Brigade
Separate Regiments

2008 Structure


The Commander of the Airmobile Forces since 2005 is Colonel Serhiy Lysovyi.

Name Rank Period of command
Vitaly Raevsky Major General 1992 - 1998
Ivan Yakubets Colonel 1998 - 2005
Serhiy Lysovyi Colonel 2005 - present


Equipment of the Airmobile Forces is similar to the equipment used by Russian Airborne Troops.

Personnel firearms
  • AKS-74, the main purpose assault rifle (AK-74 with folding skeleton buttstock) (5.45x39mm)
  • AKS-74U, the main purpose assault rifle carbine (5.45x39mm)
  • RPK-74, the light weight machinegun (5.45x39mm)
  • Dragunov SVD sniper rifle (7.62x54mm)
  • GP-25 and GP-30, the under-barrel 40mm grenade launchers for fragmentation and gas grenades which are attached to AKS-74 of some paratroopers to increase firepower for combating enemy foot troops
  • AGS-17 “Plamya” (Flame), the automatic grenade launcher - deadly against enemy foot troops but ineffective against even lightly armored vehicles, it will probably be replaced by a much lighter AGS-30 or less likely by some other model in an upcoming rearmament

Armoured Vehicles

Only one Brigade, the 25th is currently using BMD-1 and BMD-2 armored fighting vehicles. The 95th Brigade uses BMP-2, and the 79th Brigade and 80th Regiment use BTR-80.

  • 2S9 “Nona-S” configuration of 2S9 Anona, 120mm self-propelled mortar
  • ZU-23-2, an aged but effective and powerful design of a double barrel 30mm anti-aircraft gun, commonly used against infantry and even APCs and IFVs, it is ether mounted on any amphibious hulls, usually based on PT-76 light tank, or can be towed by jeep or truck as it has wheels.


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