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The Ukrainian Marine Corps ( literally means "Naval Infantry") is a branch of the Ukrainian Navy. It is used as a component part of amphibious, airborne and amphibious-airborne operations, alone or in accordance with formations and units of the Army in order to capture parts of the seashore, islands, ports, fleet bases, coast airfields and other coast objects of the enemy. It can also be used to defend naval bases, vital areas of the shore, separate islands and coast objects, security of hostile areas.


Act independently during attacks on enemy's naval installations, ports, islands, and coastal areas. Clear the enemy's coastal areas provide security during landing of the main force.



Former Russian Imperialmarker army general Pavlo Skoropadskyi understood the importance of marines in providing security to the country. Being the commander-in-chief of land and naval forces, Skoropadskyi brought attention to creating the marine corps during his first month in power. On May 23, 1918 he ordered the Department of Navy to Begin forming a Brigade of marines consisting of three regiments.

The mission of the Marines was protecting the coastal areas, serving as garrison force forts and conducting landing operations.According to the order the Brigade was divided into three regiments. First regiment was responsible for the areas between the western border until the village of Suchavka, near Odessamarker. Second regiment was responsible for territory between Suchavka and Stanislavov. Third regiment protected the areas from Stanislavov until Perekopmarker. Brigade was also put in charge of guarding property of the Navy Department.

Each of the three regiments consisted of three kuren. Each kuren consisted of three Sotnia and a machine gun unit. Commandant of the first regiment was Ilarion Isaievych.

On August 31, 1918 each unit was given the permanent headquarters. First regiments HQ was located in Odessamarker, seconds in Mykolaivmarker, thirds in Khersonmarker. Also at this time 3 squadrons of cavalry were formed. First was stationed in Odessamarker, second in Ochakivmarker and third in Perekopmarker.

In October 1918 new recruits born in 1899, would have joined the ranks of the marines, however due to the political situation of that autumn the recruits had to wait until a better time.

Not long after, Pavlo Skoropadskyi was removed from power in an uprising led by Symon Petliura. Marines continued to faithfully serve their nation under the banners of Ukrainian People's Republicmarker. Many of them died have died for freedom and independence.

Modern history

On February 22, 1993 880th Separate Naval Infantry Battalion of the Black Sea Fleet commanded by major Vitaliy G. Rozhmanov pledged their allegiance to Ukraine.

After the Naval Forces were created on July 1, 1993 first battalion of Marine Corps was formed in the city of Sevastopolmarker. First marines were transferred from the airmobile units. On September 1, 1993 the 41st Separate Marine Battalion was formed. By September 20, 1994, 4th Marine Corps Brigade was stationed in the Tilovoe village of Crimeamarker. From May 1996 until 1998 the Brigade was a part of Ukrainian National Guard. In 1998 it was transferred to the Navy and re designated 1st Separate Marine Corps Brigade. In 1999 the Brigade consisted of two battalions numbering 1,500 marines.During 2003-04 years during the armed forces program to reduce the number of brigades, Marine Corps Brigade was reduced to a Battalion.

Currently it is under the jurisdiction of the 36th Separate Coastal Guard Brigade. The battalion is stationed in Feodosiyamarker.


The ideal goal in the reform of the Marine Corps is to form a unit which would be similar to the units sent to Iraq. It is planned that there will be no more conscripts in the Marine Corps, only professional soldiers.


1918 structure

  • 1st Regiment - Odessamarker
    • 1st Kuren
      • 1st Sotnia
      • 2nd Sotnia
      • 3rd Sotnia
      • machine gun unit
    • 2nd Kuren
    • 3rd Kuren
  • 2nd Regiment - Mykolaivmarker
  • 3rd Regiment - Khersonmarker
  • 1st Cavalry Squadron - Odessamarker
  • 2nd Cavalry Squadron - Ochakivmarker
  • 3rd Cavalry Squadron - Perekopmarker

1998 structure

  • Separate Air Assault Battalion "Lion"
  • Separate Air Assault Battalion "Berkut"
  • Separate Air Assault Reconnaissance Battalion "Sword"
  • Separate Combat Engineer Battalion "Crab"
  • Separate Signal Company
  • Anti-Tank Battalion
  • Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion
  • Artillery Battalion
  • Artillery Battalion

Current structure

Today all of the marines are organized into 1st Separate Marine Battalion.

  • 1st Marine Company
  • 2nd Marine Company
  • 3rd Air Assault Company
  • Mortar Battery
  • Reconnaissance Platoon

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