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Ukrainian parliamentary election of 2002 took place on March 31. Half of the deputies to Verkhovna Radamarker (parliament of Ukrainemarker) were elected on proportional basis, while the other half were elected by popular vote in single-mandate constituencies. In order to gain any (proportional) seats in Verkhovna Rada a party needed to receive at least 4% of the popular vote.

Election result by popular vote

Out of 33 political parties and blocks, which participated in the election, 8 parties passed the required 4% barrier, and reserved seats in the parliament:

The other blocks and parties collected in total 24% votes, but didn't pass the 4% barrier. Among them Nataliya Vitrenko Block with 3.22%, "Women for the Future" Political Union with 2.11%, and "Team of Winter Generation" block with 2.02%.

Yushchenko's Our Ukraine gathered most of its support from western and central regions of Ukraine, including the city of Kievmarker. The Communist Party received most of its votes from eastern and southern regions, as well as from Crimeamarker. For United Ukraine block, which included Victor Yanukovych's Party of Regions, got most of its votes from eastern regions of Ukraine. Donetsk Oblast was the stronghold of the block, where it received more than twice the number of votes (36.83%) compared to the next highest supporting region: Sumy Oblastmarker with 17.05% of the region's voters. Yulia Tymoshenko's block's support came predominantly from western regions, while the Socialists were most supported in the central regions. While the Tymoshenko block received more of the national vote compared to the Socialist Party, it did not gain a plurality in any of the regions, while the Socialist Party managed to secure plurality of votes in Poltava Oblastmarker with 22.05%.

Election result by parliament seats

Fraction changes after the election

After the new Parliament was installed numerous MPs left there (original) fraction to join another fraction.


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Parties and alliances
Number of seats on May 15, 2002
Number of seats on January 2, 2003
Viktor Yushchenko Bloc Our Ukraine
17 seats
Communist Party of Ukraine
4 seats
For United Ukraine
16 seats
Electoral Bloc Yuliya Tymoshenko
5 seats
Socialist Party of Ukraine
2 seats
United Social Democratic Party of Ukraine
9 seats
Source: Virtual Politics - Faking Democracy in the Post-Soviet World, Andrew Wilson, Yale University Press, 2005, ISBN 0-300-09545-7

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