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A nationwide census was conducted in England and Wales on 31 March 1901. It contains records for 32 million people and 6 million houses, and was published online in 2003. The site is run by The National Archivemarker; users have to pay to access data. It covers the whole of England and Wales, with the exception of parts of Deal in Kentmarker. Certain parts of the records have suffered damage and therefore some information is missing, but it is largely complete.

The entries for households on the census returns for 1901 fall under the following headings and are generally the same for 1851 to 1891:Road, street, town or village, number or name of house, Whether the house is inhabited or not, Name and surname of each person, Relation to Head of Family, Condition as to marriage, Age last birthday, Profession or occupation, Whether employed or not, Where born, Whether deaf and dumb, blind, lunatic, imbecile or feeble-minded. Also crews of Vessels and residents of Institutions. One of the most notable people who appeared in the census was Harry Patch, who died in 2009 at the age of 111. Patch was the last surviving veteran of World War I, fighting at the Battle of Passchendaelemarker. Patch was two years old at the time of the census.

The site is mainly used by genealogists, family historians, name researchers and anyone wanting to know more about their Welsh and English ancestors in 1901. It can also be used to research hamlets, villages and parishes to build a historical perspective.

The UK has taken a census of its population every ten years since 1841. In addition to providing a wealth of interesting information about aspects of the make-up of the country, the results of the census plays an important part in the calculation of resource allocation to regional and local service providers, by national and European government.

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