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The United Kingdom general election of 1900 was held from 25 September to 24 October 1900. Also known as the khaki election (the first of several elections to bear this sobriquet), it was held in the midst of the return of soldiers from the Second Boer War. The Conservatives, led by Lord Salisbury with their Liberal Unionist allies , secured a large majority, despite securing only slightly more votes than Henry Campbell-Bannerman's Liberals. This was largely due to the Conservatives winning 163 uncontested seats. The Labour Representation Committee, later to become the Labour Party, participated in a general election for the first time even though they had only been in existence for a few months. As a result, Keir Hardie and Richard Bell were the first and only LRC members of parliament in 1900.

This was the first time Winston Churchill was elected to the House of Commonsmarker. He had stood in the same seat, Oldhammarker, in a by-election the previous year, but had lost.

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Total votes cast: 3,514,592. All parties with more than 1,000 votes shown.

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