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The UK general election of 1922 was held on 15 November 1922. It was the first election held after most of the Irish counties left the United Kingdommarker to form the Irish Free State, and was won by Andrew Bonar Law's Conservatives, who gained an overall majority over Labour, led by John Robert Clynes and a divided Liberal Party.

The Liberal Party were split between the "National Liberals" following David Lloyd George and the "Liberals" following Herbert Henry Asquith. However, some candidates stood calling for a reunited Liberal party whilst others appear to have backed both Asquith and Lloyd George. Few sources are able to agree on exact numbers, and even in contemporary records held by the two groups some MPs were claimed for both sides.

In any case, it was the first election where Labour surpassed the combined strength of both Liberal parties, in votes as well as seats.

December 1910 election MPs
1918 election MPs
1922 election MPs
1923 election MPs
1924 election MPs


Total votes cast: 13,748,300. All parties shown. Conservatives include Ulster Unionists. National Liberals were party formed by Lloyd George's Coalition Liberals after leaving the government. Their net seat change is compared with the Coalition Liberals' number of seats after the 1918 election.

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