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The United States Fourth Fleet is a major command of the United States Navy in the South Atlanticmarker, operating as a component of the joint U.S. Southern Command and is re-forming as of July 1, 2008 under the current command of RADM Victor G. Guillory. Fourth Fleet is based at Mayport Naval Stationmarker in Jacksonville, Floridamarker and is responsible for U.S. Navy ships, aircraft and submarines operating in the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

The Fleet began operations again in the summer of 2008, but will not be fully staffed until 2009, in keeping with a manpower study conducted by U.S. Fleet Forces Command. According to the United States Department of Defensemarker, the Fourth Fleet's aim will be to assist in narcotics interdiction efforts, humanitarian and goodwill interventions, and joint training with regional security partners.


The Fourth Fleet was originally established in 1943, during World War II, along with the other numbered fleets. The fleet was later absorbed by U.S. Second Fleet and disbanded in 1950 prior to being re-established in 2008.

Commanders of the Fourth Fleet


This reactivation, without consulting regional partners, sparked concerns within their governments. The governments of Argentina and Brazil made formal inquiries as to the fleet's mission in the region. In Venezuela, Hugo Chavez accused the United States of attempting to frighten the people of South America by reactivating the fleetand vowed that his country's new Sukhoi Su-30 jets could sink any American ships invading Venezuelan waters. Cuban ex-president Fidel Castro warned that it could be lead to more incidents such as the Colombian intervention in Ecuadormarker.


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