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Usulután from the Nahuatl language (meaning "city of the ocelots") is a department of El Salvadormarker in the southeast of the country (Lenca region). The capital is Usulutánmarker.It is El Salvador's largest department. It has an area of 2,130 km² and a population of over 350,000.

The department was created on June 22, 1865.

On October 26, 1948, the Alegria district was abolished and a new one called Santiago de Maria was created; it contains the cities of Santiago de Maria, which is the main city, as well as Alegria, Tecapan and California.

The city of Usulutan, the department's capital, was founded by the Lenca tribes but it was conquered by the Pipil tribes. Some of the best beaches in El Salvador are located in Usulutan, and others such as El Espino are now under development.

The department is home to Jiquilisco Bay and Port El Triunfo.


  1. Alegríamarker
  2. Berlínmarker
  3. Californiamarker
  4. Concepción Batresmarker
  5. El Triunfomarker
  6. Ereguayquínmarker
  7. Estanzuelasmarker
  8. Jiquiliscomarker
  9. Jucuapamarker
  10. Jucuaránmarker
  11. Mercedes Umañamarker
  12. Nueva Granadamarker
  13. Ozatlánmarker
  14. Puerto El Triunfomarker
  15. San Agustínmarker
  16. San Buenaventuramarker
  17. San Dionisiomarker
  18. San Francisco Javiermarker
  19. Santa Elenamarker
  20. Santa Maríamarker
  21. Santiago de Maríamarker
  22. Tecapánmarker
  23. Usulutánmarker

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