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Vazquez Hermanos Circus is a big-top American-style travelling circus with three performance rings, one of the big five out of more than 80 Mexican circuses.

In its present form the circus was registered in December 1969 in Mexico Citymarker by brothers Jose Guillermo and Rafael L. Vazquez as Circo Americano de los Hermanos Vazquez. Several prior generations shared their passion. It started around year 1900 as a rodeo on a ranch in rural Mexico helping sustain the family during hard times. In the ensuing years the act evolved, inspired with the developments in American and European circuses.

Today, the Vazquez Hermanos Circus employs 63 people of which 11 performers and 6 clowns. The acts include the tightrope walker, the juggling artist, the "Human Volcano" act, a hippo trainer, a monster-truck act called "Giant Texas Armadillo" and others. While some of the acts are presented in three rings simultaneously, others go on in one ring with the other two empty. The circus has various animals, including a Bengal tiger, an elephant, 2 hippos, a camel and several llamas, a Clydesdale horse and a monkey. The circus is put up in six and dismantled in two hours for which purpose between 20 and 24 extras are hired on location. The circus travels on 8 tractor trailers. All performers and regular workers travel with it including a full-time cook and a teacher for the employees' children.

The Circus travels around Mexico in a two-year circuit. Permits for each locality are required in advance. For very populated areas such as Guadalajara, Morelia, Monterrey, and Mexico City, the permits must be applied for as much as three months in advance as there is a limited number of permits. It also frequently tours the United States where it is popular with Spanish but also English-speaking audiences.


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