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Veeco Instruments Inc (NASDAQ: VECO) is a provider of metrology and process equipment solutions used by manufacturers in the data storage, semiconductor, wireless, lighting and solar industries. These industries help create a wide range of information age technology and products, such as portable music players, cell phones, PDAs, digital video recorders, backlighting for computers and TVs, architectural and automotive lighting, solar cells and much more. Products are also instruments used in the advancement of scientific research, life sciences and nanotechnology. Veeco's metrology tools are used to measure at the nanoscale and process equipment tools help create nanoscale devices.

Markets Served

Compound SemiconductorHB-LED WirelessCompound Semiconductor: HB-LED, Wireless and SolarVeeco’s metal organic chemical vapor deposition, molecular beam epitaxy, CIGS web coating systems and thermal deposition sources enable the creation of a compound semiconductor based devices such as high-brightness LEDs, power amplifiers, laser diodes, and high efficiency solar cells. Veeco also provides metrology tools for thin film production control for these and other applications.

Data StorageIn cell phones, laptops, PDAs, GPS systems and more, Veeco is a provider of Process Equipment and Metrology tools for the manufacture of thin film magnetic heads, a critical component of HDDs. Veeco’s products include ion beam etch and deposition, physical vapor deposition, optical and atomic force microscopy (AFM), AFM probes, lapping and slicing/dicing equipment.

SemiconductorVeeco sells automated atomic force microscope solutions. Veeco also sells optical metrology systems and specific types of deposition systems to the semiconductor industry.

Scientific ResearchWith the largest installed base of systems, Veeco sells their instruments to nearly every major scientific or research organization worldwide. They also sell a broad array of other metrology and process equipment solutions to research organizations and industrial applications worldwide.


Today's Veeco Instruments Inc. traces its history back to an earlier company which was incorporated in 1945 by two Manhattanmarker Project scientists who created the helium leak detector. The Company's original name "Veeco" stood for Vacuum Electronic Equipment Company. In the 1960s, the original Veeco merged with Lambda, a manufacturer of power supplies, and in the late 1980s was purchased by a British company named Unitech.

In 1990, Edward H. Braun, then COO of Veeco, and a group of senior company executives purchased Veeco's instrument business from Unitech in a management buy-out. The company again used the Veeco Instruments trade name and completed an initial public offering on the Nasdaq National Market in 1994 (NASDAQ: VECO) -- at the time Veeco's sales were approximately $30 million.

Since the management buy-out and IPO, Mr. Braun, as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, has led the company through a transformation focused on supplying equipment to information age industries. Veeco has grown both through internal development and strategic acquisitions—the Company has completed over a dozen acquisitions to date.

In July 2007 Mr. Braun, aged 68, became Chairman of the Board of Veeco, with John R. Peeler, 52, joining the Company as Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Peeler was formerly President of JDSU’s (NASDAQ: JDSU) Communications Test and Measurement Division, its largest and most profitable business segment.


Veeco has completed over a dozen acquisitions since 1994.



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