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Veles ( ) is a municipality in central Republic of Macedoniamarker. Velesmarker is also the name of the town where the municipal seat is found. Veles municipality is part of Vardar statistical region.


The municipality borders Čaška municipalitymarker and Zelenikovo in the west, Petrovecmarker in the north, Gradsko, Lozovomarker and Sveti Nikolemarker in the east.


According to the last National census this municipality has 55,340 inhabitants. At the census of 1994 it had 56,571 inhabitants.

The majority are Macedonians (46,767), while other ethnic groups include Bosniaks (2,406), Albanians (2,299), Turks (1,724), and others.

Inhabited places

There are 28 inhabited places, one town and 27 villages.

Inhabited places in Veles Municipality
Village: Bašino Selo | Beleštevica | Buzalkovo | Gorno Kalaslari | Gorno Orizari | Dolno Kalaslari | Dolno Orizari | Ivankovci | Karabunjište | Krušje | Kumarino | Lugunci | Mamutčevo | Novačani | Novo Selo | Oraovec | Otovica | Raštani | Rlevci | Rudnik | S'lp | Slivnik | Sojaklari | Sopot | Crkvino | Čaloševo | DjidimirciTown: Velesmarker


  1. Macedonian census data of 2002

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