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The Venezuela National Football Team is the national football team of Venezuelamarker and is controlled by the Federación Venezolana de Fútbol. It is nicknamed 'La Vinotinto' (The Burgundy), because of the traditional burgundy color of their shirts.

Venezuela is the only national team in CONMEBOL which has never qualified for a World Cup. Often Venezuela would go through entire qualification tournaments without recording a single win, although this has changed in the last two qualifying rounds. Their best finish in Copa América was fifth in their first entry, in 1967.

When playing at home in official games they usually rotate between two stadiums: the Estadio Polideportivo de Pueblo Nuevomarker, in San Cristóbalmarker; the Estadio José Encarnación "Pachencho" Romeromarker, in Maracaibomarker. In friendly matches they tend to rotate between the rest of the stadiums in the country.

The Unofficial Football World Championship, and the related Nasazzi's baton title, was briefly held by Venezuela in 2006.

Unlike other South American nations, baseball is extremely popular in Venezuela, which diverts athletic talent away from football, contributing to its historic lack of success in CONMEBOL competitions. It is only recently with the spread of the World Cup's popularity in nations where football was not the primary sport (Japanmarker, the United Statesmarker, Australia, etc.) that the national team found incentives to increase player development and fan support.


World Cup

Venezuela did not participate in World Cup qualifying until the 1966 qualifiers in which they were drawn with Uruguay and Peru, but failed to register a point in four games. In the 1970 qualifiers they managed to register a point, and after withdrawing from the 1974 series, repeated that in the 1978 qualifiers. The 1982 qualifiers saw them register their first win, over Bolivia. They wouldn't register another World Cup qualifying win until the 1994 series when they defeated Ecuador. A highlight of the 1998 qualifiers was goalkeeper Rafael Dudamel scoring against Argentina in a 5-2 defeat.

The 2002 and 2006 qualifiers have seen a tremendous improvement in Venezuela's fortunes, and they are now regarded as a competitive team.They started the 2010 qualifying round by historically beating Ecuador in Quitomarker where the Ecuadorians had previously held a long unbeaten record.

Despite poor results during the 60s and 70s, outstanding players like not true Luis Mendoza and Rafael Santana achieved recognition.

Copa America

Venezuela first participated in the Copas America in 1967, and finished 5th after defeating Bolivia 3-0 with a side containing Mendoza and Santana. The 1975 tournament saw Venezuela drawn in a group with Brazil and Argentina, and finished bottom with an 11-0 defeat to Argentina. In the 1979 edition, which would be the international swansong for Mendoza and Santana, they drew 0-0 with Colombia and 1-1 with Chile. A highlight of the 1989 tournament was midfielder Carlos Maldonado's 4 goals. In the 1993 series, Venezuela drew with Uruguay and the United States.

The team's overall Copa América record has been pretty poor, but the "Auge Vinotinto" (Vinotinto Rise) period in the early 2000s brought increased attention to the sport in the country, which in turn brought increased support from both government and private institutions. Said support contributed greatly to the "Vinotinto's" rise in quality. In 2007, during the Copa América held in Venezuela, the team progressed to the quarterfinals for the first time in its history after finishing first in a group containing Peru, Bolivia and Uruguay. Venezuela's 2-0 victory over Perú during the competition was its first Copa América victory since 1967.

In June 6, 2008, Venezuela achieved its first-ever triumph over Brazil, winning the Seleção with a 2-0 score in a friendly match in Boston, USA.

Current team status

Venezuela is currently participating in the 2010 World Cup qualifiers.

2010 FIFA World Cup

Qualification Standings

Recent, last and next games

KEY: F = Friendly match; WCQ2010 = 2010 FIFA World Cup qualification

Current Team

Squad for 2010 FIFA World Cup qualification games with Paraguaymarker and Brazilmarker

Recent Call Ups

The following players have been recently called up in the 12 months.





Competitive record

World Cup record

Copa América record

  • 1916 to 1963 - Did not enter
  • 1967 - 5th
  • 1975 - Round 1
  • 1979 - Round 1
  • 1983 - Round 1
  • 1987 - Round 1
  • 1989 - Round 1
  • 1991 - Round 1
  • 1993 - Round 1 (overall 11th place)
  • 1995 - Round 1 (overall 12th place)
  • 1997 - Round 1 (overall 12th place)
  • 1999 - Round 1 (overall 12th place)
  • 2001 - Round 1 (overall 12th place)
  • 2004 - Round 1 (overall 11th place)
  • 2007 - Quarterfinals (overall 6th place)

Pan American Games record

Head to head

Most Venezuela caps

Top Venezuela goalscorers

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Date of birth
Caps (goals)
Most Recent Call up
Rafael Romo
February 25, 1990
5 (0)
v. Bolivia, June 6, 2009
Date of birth
Caps (goals)
Most Recent Call up
Carlos Salazar
May 15, 1989
Deportivo Anzoategui
3 (0)
v. Uruguay, June 10, 2009
José Manuel Velásquez
September 8, 1990
Deportivo Anzoátegui
7 (1)
v. Uruguay, June 10, 2009
Gabriel Cichero
April 25, 1984
Caracas FC
14 (1)
v. Colombia, March 31, 2009
Date of birth
Caps (goals)
Most Recent Call up
Carlos Fernández
September 1, 1990
Deportivo Anzoátegui
2 (0)
v. Costa Rica, May 13, 2009
Louis Angelo Peña
December 25, 1989
S.C. Braga
5 (0)
v. Colombia, March 31, 2009
Jorge Alberto Rojas
January 10, 1977
New York Red Bulls
90 (3)
v. Colombia, March 31, 2009
Rafael Acosta
February 13, 1989
Cagliari Calcio
4 (0)
v. Colombia, March 31, 2009
Date of birth
Caps (goals)
Most Recent Call up
José Salomón Rondón
September 16, 1989
UD Las Palmas
3 (1)
v. Guatemala, February 11, 2009
Emilio Rentería
October 9, 1984
Columbus Crew
3 (0)
v. Colombia, August 12, 2009
1930 to 1954 Did not enter
1958 Withdrew
1962 Did not enter
1966 to 1970 Did not qualify
1974 Withdrew
1978 to 2010 Did not qualify
National team career
Caps (Goals)
José Manuel Rey
108 (11)
Jorge Alberto Rojas
91 (3)
Juan Arango
| 85 (17)
Miguel Ángel Mea Vitali
81 (1)
Gabriel Urdaneta
77 (9)
Luis José Vallenilla
77 (1)
Ruberth Morán
65 (14)
Leopoldo Jiménez
64 (0)
Ricardo David Páez
64 (7)
Rafael Dudamel
56 (1)
Leonel Vielma
56 (4)
National team career
Goals (Caps)
Giancarlo Maldonado
19 (48)
Juan Arango
17 (85)
Ruberth Morán
14 (65)
José Manuel Rey
11 (108)
Gabriel Urdaneta
9 (77)
Daniel Arismendi
9 (24)
Juan Garcia
7 (47)
Ricardo David Páez
7 (64)
José Luis Dolgetta
6 (21)

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