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 is a county in Norwaymarker, bordering Buskerudmarker and Telemarkmarker. The county administration is in Tønsbergmarker.
Vestfold is located west of the Oslofjordmarker, as the name indicates. It includes many smaller, but well-known towns in Norway, such as Larvikmarker, Sandefjordmarker, Tønsbergmarker and Hortenmarker. The river Numedalslågen runs through the district. Many islands are located at the coast. Vestfold is mostly dominated by lowland and is among the best agricultural areas of Norway. Winters last about three months, while pleasant summer temperatures last from May to September, with a July average of 17°C ( Tønsberg climate).

Vestfold is known for shipping and sailing. Formerly a headquarters for whaling fleets, the coastal towns of Vestfold now engage in fishing and shipbuilding. Some lumbering is carried on in the interior. The district also includes some of the best farmland in Norway.

Vestfold is the only county in which all municipalities have declared Bokmål to be their official written form of the Norwegian language.


The family of Harald Fairhair, who was most likely the first king of the whole Norway, is said to have come from this area. At that time Vestfold, including Liermarker and Eiker, was a petty kingdom. Kings of Vestfold include:

Kaupang, a town from the Viking Age is believed to be the first town in Norway, although Tønsbergmarker is the oldest town in Norway still existing. By the 10th century the local kings had established themselves as the first dynasty to begin the unification of Norway.

The name

Vestfold is the old name of the region - revived in modern times. Fold was the old name of the Oslofjordmarker, and the meaning of the name Vestfold is 'the region west of the Fold'.

Before 1919 the county was called Jarlsberg og Larvik Amt. The amt was created in 1821, consisting of the two old counties of Jarlsberg and Larvikmarker.

J. R. R. Tolkien also used Westfold as the name of a district in the fictional realm of Rohan, in his fantasy world of Middle-earth.


Vestfold County has a total of 14 municipalities:

  1. Andebumarker
  2. Hofmarker
  3. Holmestrandmarker
  4. Hortenmarker
  5. Lardalmarker
  6. Larvikmarker
  7. Nøtterøymarker
  8. Remarker
  9. Sandemarker
  10. Sandefjordmarker
  11. Stokkemarker
  12. Svelvikmarker
  13. Tjømemarker
  14. Tønsbergmarker


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