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Vigrid is a Norwegianmarker neo-nazi organization which combines racial teachings with imagery derived from Norse mythology. Vigrid was founded by Tore W. Tvedt on 31 December 1998, and is today led by Thorgrim O. Bredesen. In 2009 the group registered as a political party, and ran for the parliamentary election, but received a mere 179 votes. The name Vigrid is derived from the plain Vígríðr from Norse mythology.


Vigrid claim that races or nations other than the Aryan are guilty of turmoil and problems around the world. The organization has because of this much in common with Nazi groups, such as 1930s Nasjonal Samling. The organization consider Adolf Hitler as a "savior" and "salvator of Europe", and adds considerable weight in the argument to protect the white race against extinction due to increased immigration of what they call racial promotion .

Vigrid denies common representations of the Jewish Holocaust during the Second World War, and argues that both the number of dead Jews is exaggerated and that the dead Jews were not killed during the genocide, but died rather because of the Allied bombing. They believe that Jews exploit the Holocaust for political and financial support. They, therefore, denote the Holocaust as "HoloCa$h" and the United States as "Jew$A". They also profile themselves as Palestinemarker-friends on their websites, and criticize the Israelimarker actions in occupied Palestine. Vigrid is also strongly opposed to Judaism, Christianity, Islam , blacks and gays.

Vigrid claim to be an organization that distances itself from all use of offensive violence . Despite this, the Norwegian Police Security Service has characterized the ideology of Vigrid as violent, and several of its members have been involved in aggravated assaults. On several occasions, former Vigrid members have claimed that weapons and drugs are not uncommon. Vigrid also recommends that its members arm themselves within the statutory framework.

The organization regards the Norse god Odin as the creator of the universe.

Parliamentary election, 2009

On 18 December 2008, Vigrid delivered the required list of 500 signatures to the county of Buskerudmarker to be able to participate in the parliamentary election on 14 September 2009. The list was approved by the electoral committee on 27 May 2009, after it had verified that the 500 signatures were willingly given by Norwegian citizens with the right to vote in the parliamentary election in Buskerud. The first two candidates on the list are:
  • Thorgrim O. Bredesen (born 1980)
  • Tore Wilhelm Tvedt (born 1943)


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