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The Finnish men choir Viipurin Lauluveikot was founded in Vyborgmarker in 1897. After the Second World War, the choir moved from Vyborg to Helsinki because Finlandmarker had lost the town. There have been many famous composers, leaders and soloists who work with Viipurin Lauluveikot. One reason might be that the choir Viipurin Lauluveikot is one of the oldest men choirs still working in Finland. The protector for the 110-year feast was the President Mr Martti Ahtisaari. Maybe one of the reasons for this honour is that Mr. Martti Ahtisaari was also born in Vyborg. He has been seen several times listening to the choir Viipurin Lauluveikot.

The honour march of Kunniamarssi (1929) was composed by Jean Sibelius. Sibelius was named as a honour member of the choir Viipurin Lauluveikot. The choir Viipurin Lauluveikot is displaying the compositions of Jean Sibelius, Oskar Merikanto and Felix Krohn for example. The music of foreign composers being displayed: J. S. Bach, Lowel Manson, G. F. Händel and L. van Beethooven. There are also many songs telling of Kareliamarker and Vyborgmarker in programme.

The choir is very active in appreciation in Finland and also in foreign countries too. It has visited e.g. in England, Japan, Hungary and USA. In September 2009 the choir has been visiting Vilnius, Lithuania because Vilnius is the culture capital of Europe in 2009. One of the traditional concerts is the first Advent Sunday concert in the Johanneksenkirkko church in Helsinki, Finland. The first Advent Sunday concert of the year 2003 was the 50th.

The choir Viipurin Lauluveikot is singing year by year in The national indepence day flagging ceremony (Finnish indepenceday 6.12) at Helsinki "Tähtitorninmäki" 9.00 a.m. (GMT +4)logal time. Radio transmission by Finnish Broadcasting company YLE sent worldvide as a radioprogramme.This ceremony is the begin of Finnish indepence day year by year.

Viipurin Lauluveikot has got the appreciation medal of the non-governmental organization named Karjalan Liitto (The Karelian union in Finland). The medal of valuation was given to the choir at the annual festival named "Karjalaiset kesäjuhlat" on 13.6.2009 (the annual summer festival for Karelian people in Finland and the people being interested in Karelian culture in Finland). The award-winning was for the work to assist the Karelian culture.


  • Yhä kohoaa tuttu torni (2007)

  • Te luulette meidän unohtaneen ... (2005)

  • Adventin aikaa (2003)

  • Viipurin lauluveikot 100-vuotta (1997)

  • Kohottakaa riemuhuuto (1997)

  • Käyn Luojalle laulamaan (1992)

  • Oomme Karjalaa muistelleet (1984)

  • Laatokka (1975)

  • Joulu- ja hengellisiä lauluja (1970)


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