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Villa Urquiza is a barrio or neighborhood of Buenos Airesmarker city, capital of Argentinamarker. It is located between the barrios of Villa Pueyrredónmarker, Belgranomarker, Villa Ortúzarmarker, Coghlanmarker, Saavedra and Agronomíamarker. Its limits are the streets and avenues Constituyentes, Crisólogo Larralde, Galván, Núñez, Tronador, Roosevelt, Rómulo S. Naón and La Pampa.

It is a residential neighborhood of both old houses and apartment buildings, quiet streets and a few fast-traffic, crowded avenues. It has several parks that make it very pleasant. During the summer, it is not uncommon to see neighbors talking to each other, comfortably sitting on their chairs on the sidewalk.

It is also home of several institutions of importance to the Buenos Aires culture, such as the tango and milonga ballrooms Sunderland and Club Sin Rumbo, and the winner of the last three futsal metropolitan tournaments, Club Pinocho.


Triumvirato Avenue, Villa Urquiza.
The founder of Villa Urquiza was Francisco Seeber who was a soldier in the War of the Triple Alliance against Paraguaymarker, mayor of Buenos Airesmarker between 1889 and 1890, merchant and president of the Ferrocarril Oeste (Western Railway). In its beginnings, the barrio was composed by three small neighborhoods called Villa Catalinas, Villa Mazzini and Villa Modelo. The neighborhoods were situated on top of highlands, almost 40 meters above sea level. At the time, Francisco Seeber owned a company downtown called "Muelle de las Catalinas" (Catalinas' Wharfs), located at very low ground. So he bought the lands so much of them could be used to refill his company downtown. The workers that had worked on the project were mostly from the province of Entre Ríos. And subsequently, they asked for the neighborhood to be named after their provincial hero, Justo José de Urquiza.
Railway station at Villa Urquiza.
Day of the neighbourhood: October 2nd


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