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Villeneuve-sur-Yonne is a French commune, situated in the département of Yonnemarker and région Bourgognemarker. It is surrounded by a partly intact wall, built during the 12th century, which was one of the 8 residences of the French kings.

The inhabitants are called Villeneuviennes/Villeneuviens.


The city lies on the bank of the River Yonne, between the cities of Sens and Joignymarker.

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Avg high °C 6 8 12 15 20 23 26 26 22 16 10 7
Avg low °C 1 1 4 5 9 12 14 14 11 8 4 2
Avg rain cm 3.78 3.71 2.96 4.12 4.32 4.14 4.12 3.54 4.1 5.07 4.81 4.21


The city was founded in 1163 by Louis VII of France to protect the kingdom of France at the boundary of the Champagne. In 1204 King Philip II Augustus held parliament in the city, and Louis IX resided in the city before departing for the Eighth Crusade. In 1594 the city was burnt down. During the French Revolution the name was changed from le-Roi (the king) to sur-Yonne (on the Yonne). In 1870 a memorial for the dead was designed by the sculptor Émile Peynot. The city was governed from 1927 till 1935 by the infamous mayor Marcel Pétiot, who was guillotined in 1946, convicted of 27 killings.


Year 1936 1954 1962 1968 1975 1982 1990 1999
Population 4077 4372 4333 4452 4764 4980 5054 5404

Main sights

  • Two main entrance gates to the city, Gate of Sens and Gate of Joignymarker. The Gate of Joigny or Porte de Joigny was rebuilt in the 16th century; the Gate of Sens, or Porte de Sens, predates it by three hundred years and is similar in appearance.
  • Gothic and [Renaissance architecture|[Renaissance]] Church Notre-Dame de l'Assomption.
  • City market built during the 19th century by Paul Sédille.
  • La Lucarne aux Chouettes or The Owls' Nest restaurant run by Leslie Caron, serving Burgundy specialities. The old dilapidated boathouse was bought by her in 1990 on the suggestion of Jean Renoir.
  • A Neolithic menhir situated on the bank of the river, called Pierre-Fritte or Plaine-des-Egriselles.

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  • - The official website of the book "Dr. Satan" by Marilyn Z. Tomlins, the story of Dr. Marcel Petiot, WW2 French serial killer, former Mayor of Villeneuve-sur-Yonne

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