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The Vistula Spit ( ; ; ) is a spit, or peninsular stretch of land, which cuts the Vistula Lagoonmarker off from Gdańsk Baymarker (Danziger Bucht) in the Baltic Seamarker. The border between Polandmarker and Kaliningrad Oblastmarker, an exclave of Russiamarker, runs across it, splitting it politically in halves. The westernmost point of Russia is located on the Vistula Spit. The Polish part contains a number of tourist resorts, incorporated administratively as the town of Krynica Morskamarker.


Until the 13th century, the spit had navigable straits in the middle, which allowed the city of Elblągmarker (Elbing), part of the monastic State of the Teutonic Knightsmarker, direct access to the Baltic Seamarker. The natural closing of the straits in the late 13th century reduced Elbing's status as an important trading seaport. Thus, and by the Teutonic takeover of Danzig and Polish Pomeraniamarker in 1308, the importance of Gdańskmarker (Danzig) grew.

Nowadays, Poland is considering the idea of digging a channel through its part of the spit, in order to regain direct access to the Baltic, rather than by the only natural, yet Russian-controlled port at Baltiyskmarker (Pillaumarker/Piława).

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