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WBLI (106.1 FM, "106.1 BLI") is a Top 40 music formatted radio station which mainly serves Nassaumarker and Suffolkmarker Counties on Long Islandmarker and can also be heard in the Hudson Valley, the South Shore of Connecticutmarker, and the Jersey Shore. Its transmitter is located in Farmingville, New Yorkmarker.

Its signal is badly hindered to the west by 105.9 WQXRmarker in New York City as well as by an illegal Caribbean pirate radio station "The Boom Station" broadcasting on 106.1 in Flatbush, Brooklyn.


WBLI, the station as a whole, first went on the air in 1958 as WPAC-FM, but gained fame in the 1970s. DJs from the '70s & '80s included Barry Neal, Randi Taylor, Bruce Michaels, Nick O'Neil, Chris Tyler, Bill Terry (was PD in the '80s), Jeff Thomas (also the PD), Scott Taylor, Don Nelson, Rick Sommers, Keith Allen (now of B103 Long Island), Rob McLean, Mary Ann (aka J.J. Kennedy of WLTW/New York City),Carl Dayton,TK Townsend,Brooke Daniels,Larry Adams, Scott Miller and Kelly Hart. WBLI had a Saturday Night disco show called "Club 106" during the disco days, and a Sunday Night Oldies show known as "Only Gold" during the 70's through the mid 80's hosted by Don Nelson. Although technically a CHR/Top 40, WBLI had a more adult contemporary sound in certain dayparts and avoided such harder-rocking CHR hits as "I Love Rock & Roll" by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts during their initial chart runs.

Its most recent incarnation of CHR began in September 1996 when the station, under its then-owners Chancellor Broadcasting and PD Doc Medek flipped from Hot A/C, an evolution that had begun in May 1996. Under Doc Medek and Al Levine as M-D/night jock the station redeveloped it's CHR sound on Long Island, voiced by Billy Moore, and a new jingle package, playing the current records, and had night show features like the "Fresh 5 at 9", and the "New Music Challenge" return. By 1997 'BLI was one of the more rhythmic mainstream CHR's on the air featuring "Classic Dance Weekends".When Cox Radio took over 'BLI they evolved into a more mainstream CHR with less dance product (though still more than most other CHR's) and a tighter playlist voiced by Kurt Flood, Mark Driscoll, Jennifer Vaughn, and Brian James. On March 29 2006 Beau Weaver took over as voice of 106.1 BLI, a new jingle package debuted at this time as well- the package that is still used today.

In September 1996 'BLI dropped the Syndicated weekend Program "Open House Party" on Saturday nights in favor of a disco show hosted by Party Marty Mitchell. Open House Party continued on Sunday nights until Noverber of 96. Party Marty's show would continue until 1998 when "CLUB BLI" would begin, playing current club music. CLUB BLI is the current Saturday night show featuring occasional live broadcasts from popular Long Island clubs.

WBLI, which is currently owned by Cox Radio and licensed to Patchogue, New Yorkmarker, is programmed by Jeremy (J.J.) Rice who has been with the station since 1998. (Rice was formerly PD of WWHT (Hot 107.9) in Syracuse while the station was owned by Cox Radio. When ClearChannel purchased WWHT in 1998, Rice moved to Long Island and has since been the program director of WBLI and CHR format director for Cox Radio.) The APD is Al Levine "on the scene", who has been with 'BLI since February 5 1995 and has done nights, afternoon drive, mid-days, and now once again afternoon drive.

BLI In the Morning

The morning program, known as "BLI in the Morning" features Dana DiDonato, "Big Gay Randy", Drew, and Ted Lindner with news and traffic. The show has benchmarks such as Dana's crush of the week, Randy's Happy Horoscopes, the Dirt report, Phoney-Phone crank calls; a staple of former co-host Steve Harper, and Hersday, a feature that was pioneerd by former co-host Maria Garcia. Steve Harper had hosted BLI in the AM for 25 years before being let go in the Summer of 2006. His last show was on July 19 2006.

Recurring Programs on BLI in the Morning:

-The dirt report

-Hersday (Thursdays)

-Call busters or Drew's Call Busters

-To Catch A Cheater

-Gender Fenders

-Freaky Deaky Friday

Bli in the morning often puts questions or opinions to the listeners, both on the air and online. They have many people call in each day with their opinions, and even have some 'friends' who they know well and who call a lot, like "Loyal Listener Lucille", "Alison The Lesbian", and more.

BLI also talks a lot about dating/sex/relationships, and each of them are usually in one. Dana is married to Kevin DiDonato, Randy is gay and has a "sugar mama" Eileen. Drew is straight and loves girls, but broke up with his girlfriend Carly. In late December 2008, they discussed whether or not Drew was gay, because he brings his roommate to all their parties, etc.


On Wednesday, February 27, 2008, Randy of the "BLI in the Morning" show offended a caller from the Mastic section of Long Island, NY, by insinuating that she lived in a trailer park. After in the station received complaints regarding the remarks, and after Randy's refusal to apologize, he was suspended by station management.

On Friday, February 29, 2008, radio personalities Opie and Anthony, vocal proponents for free speech in broadcasting, called for the firing of WBLI station manager John Shea for "not standing behind his guy."

Current DJs/Programs

  • Dana DiDonato
  • Randy Spears
  • Drew
  • Al Levine "On the Scene"
  • Astra 'After Dark'
  • Anthony from The Deli
  • Erica Hayden
  • Catie Holmes
  • Alfredo "on the Radio!"
  • Rachel Glory
  • Chloe
  • Andy Idol
  • Crash
  • Club BLI ("hit music mixed dance-style")

Former Personalities

  • Reno (Now working in sales at WBLI and weekend fill in)
  • Wendy Wild (currently weekends on New York's 103.5 KTU)
  • Tony "the Tiger" (Now the Imaging Director for Cox Radio Long Island)
  • Just Joe
  • Dennis the Menace (Now using his real name Ted Lindner to do traffic)
  • Steve Harper (Now doing Mornings on WKJY 98.3)
  • Party Marty Mitchell (currently with WKJY KJOY 98.3)
  • Maria Garcia
  • Slam the Stuntman
  • Vic The Latino (Now PD of Party 105.3)
  • Stick
  • Orphan Andrew (Now doing nights at Cox Radio's WAPE in Jacksonville)
  • Fisher (Now PD of Cox Radio's Richmond Cluster)
  • Jarrett Galeno (Now APD at K-104 Poughkeepsie)
  • Skyy Walker
  • LJ (Now working in sales at WBLI)
  • Ballistic Bob (Now working for Metro Traffic and Weather)
  • Goldapper (Now co-hosting mornings on Party 105.3)
  • Gabrielle
  • Jonny Weitz (currently weekends on K104 Poughkeepsie)
  • Puffy The Producer (Shawn Novatt, now Internet Content Manager of The Long Island Radio Group WKJY, WHLI, WMJC, WBZO, WRCN, WLVG)
  • Holly Levis (Now working part time at WKJY)
  • Fester
  • Malibu Mark (aka..Mark The Shark)currently mid days at Y102.9 in Raleigh
  • Tim Clarke (Now PD of Cox Radio's WAPE in Jacksonville)

Astra After Dark

Astra After Dark is a Mon-Fri show from 7:00 until midnight. Astra counts down the "Long Island's Most Wanted", the top 5 songs requested that night, at 9:00. You can vote for Long Island's most wanted here: [175877]Astra also has the "Question Of The Night" at 10:00, and a statistic people have to call in and guess at 7:00. After Long Island's most wanted, there is a mini-contest to be 'caller 106' and know the top 5 songs that night, title and artist, and you win a prize. There are also prizes for the statistic.

For Long Island's Most Wanted, there is a program called "the takeover" where highschool/college age teams/clubs/etc. announce all of the Most Wanted. [175878]


  1. WBLI morning show co-host suspended for comment - Cox Radio Incorporated -

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