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WCSH is the NBC-affiliated television station for southern Mainemarker and northern New Hampshiremarker that is licensed to Portlandmarker. It broadcasts a high definition digital signal on UHF channel 44 from a transmitter on Winn Mountain near West Baldwin. Owned by Gannett, the station has studios at One Congress Squaremarker in downtown Portland. It is sister station to Bangormarker's NBC affiliate, WLBZmarker. Although the two stations are based in different locations and serve different markets, they essentially operate as one station. With their combined resources, this allows statewide coverage that no other station in Maine can offer. For the most part, WLBZ simulcasts WCSH during network and syndicated programming that includes Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and Judge Alex. However, channel 2 airs its own station identifications and commercials.

Digital television

The station's signal signal is multiplexed.

RF channel
Video Aspect Programming
6.1 44.1 1080i 16:9 main WCSH programming / NBC HD
6.2 44.2 480i 4:3 WCSH-DT2 "NewsCenter Weather Plus"
(loop of news and weather headlines)


The station began broadcasting on December 20, 1953 from the Congress Square Hotel in downtown Portland which its call letters refer to. WCSH was owned by the Rines family who had built the hotel in 1896 and started WCSH-AM 970 (now WZANmarker) on the top floor in 1925. The station was an NBC affiliate and during the late-1950s, was also briefly affiliated with the NTA Film Network. In 1977, WCSH-TV moved across the street to One Congress Square where it is today. They dropped the -TV suffix in 1997. The station was the flagship station of the Maine Broadcasting System which also included WLBZ-AMmarker-TV in Bangor. In 1998, the company, which by then consisted solely of the television stations, was acquired by current owner Gannett.

On June 26, 2009, WCSH will left channel 6 and moved to channel 44. On June 12, it ceased normal programming on their analog channel and were chosen to be the market's nightlight station. Until that date, channel 6's analog audio signal transmitted on a frequency of 87.75 MHz (+10 kHz shift). As a result, it could be picked up on the lower end of the dial on most FM radios at 87.7 MHz. This was true of all other analog channel 6 stations in the United Statesmarker. The station mentioned this additional way of coverage. When WCSH went all-digital on June 12, its analog FM broadcast will disappear as did channel 6 FM broadcasts all over the country.

News operation

The station's news open.

WCSH's newscasts were runner up to CBS affiliate WGMEmarker until the late-1980s when they became number one. They use the NewsCenter branding and are still the highest-rated newscasts in the Portland television market. Most of WCSH's key personalities have been with the station for over ten years. Beginning in the 1980s, WLBZ started simulcasting most WCSH newscasts. This process continues today with only the weeknight 5 and 6 o'clock broadcasts locally produced from WLBZ's Bangor studios (although the 6 o'clock news features a sports anchor reporting from WCSH's studios). Newscasts airing in other time slots on both stations tend to take on a regional feel with news coverage from Portland, Bangor, or elsewhere in the state. In addition, WLBZ meteorologist Steve McKay provides Bangor weather cut-ins on the 5:30 and 11 o'clock broadcasts. To correspond with WCSH, WLBZ also uses the NewsCenter banding. The combination of WCSH and WLBZ offers the largest and most extensive coverage of news from Maine.

In October 2005, the two stations began offering NBC Weather Plus on new second digital subchannels. It could also seen on their websites via live streaming video and Time Warner digital cable channel 166. The channel featured WCSH's weather team and WLBZ meteorologist Steve McKay. Known on-air as "NewsCenter Weather Plus", the channel was simulcasted in Bangor on WLBZ's second digital subchannel. In late-December 2008 as a result of the shutdown of Weather Plus on a national level, WLBZ-DT2 and WCSH-DT2 shifted to a format featuring a loop of news headlines and weather forecasts. The two channels continue to simulcast each other, are known by the same name, and can still been seen on digital cable.

In late-2002, WCSH and WLBZ began to co-produce a nightly 10 o'clock newscast on WB affiliate WPXTmarker. During the week, news and sports aired from WCSH's studios while weather forecasts originated from Steve McKay at WLBZ. On weekends, the newscast originated entirely from Portland. In terms of news coverage, the WPXT news was produced similarly to the simulcasted broadcasts seen on WCSH and WLBZ. Until February 5, 2007, there was no competition at 10. On that date, WGME began to produce a nightly 10 o'clock newscast for FOX affiliate WPFOmarker. On November 6, 2008, WCSH moved the 10 o'clock news to their NBC Weather Plus subchannel when the arrangement with WPXT ended. The newscast was not seen on either the WLBZ or online versions of the subchannel. Consequently, local Portland news was covered more and Steve McKay no longer provided the weeknight weather forecast. The 10 o'clock newscast was canceled altogether in late-December 2008.

WCSH used Frank Gari's "Good News" music package since the theme's inception in 1986 until October 22 when it was mostly replaced by standardized music and graphics that is used by other Gannett stations. "Good News" remains in use for legal IDs, news image promos, and the "Storm Center" theme used for winter storm coverage.

In 2003, WCSH launched 207 (a local magazine show) that airs weeknights at 7. The preceding evening's broadcast airs the next morning at 4 on both stations. 207 Weekend premiered on September 2, 2007 and aired occasionally on Saturdays nights at 7:30 (following Bill Green's Maine) on WCSH and WLBZ before being cancelled altogether in late Spring 2009; infomercials now air in the time slot. The "207" name comes from the telephone area code in Maine.

NewsCenter Extra (a half-hour compilation of recent news stories) airs periodically Saturday nights at 7:30 or in prime time at 8 usually on weeknights. An outdoors and human-interest program called Bill Green's Maine airs on Saturday nights at 7 on WCSH and is simulcasted on WLBZ. On February 2, 2009, WLVP-AM 870 / WLAMmarker-AM 1470 began simulcasting WCSH's weekday morning and early evening newscasts, a move made to continue the newscasts' availability via radio even after chanel 6's own 87.7 MHz audio is discontinued following the shutdown of analog television signals. WCSH and WLBZ also provide news and weather updates to Nassau Broadcasting's other stations in the state. In addition to their main studios, WCSH shares two news bureaus with WLBZ. The Lewistonmarker / Auburnmarker Bureau is on Main Street in Lewiston across the street from WGME's bureau. The Midcoast Bureau is on Camden Street in Rocklandmarker. WCSH and WLBZ stream their weekday Noon newscast on their websites.

News team

Current personalities

+ denotes news personnel based at WLBZ

  • Lee Nelson - weekday mornings and rotating at Noon
  • Sharon Rose - weekday mornings and rotating at Noon
  • Cindy Williams - weeknights at 5, 5:30, 6
  • Pat Callaghan - weeknights at 5, 6, and 11
  • Rob Caldwell - weeknights at 5:30 and 207 co-host
  • Kathleen Shannon - weeknights at 11 and 207 co-host
  • Brian Yocono - weekend mornings and Lewiston / Auburn Bureau reporter
  • Caroline Cornish - weekend evenings and reporter

NewsCenter Meteorologists
  • Joe Cupo - weeknights
  • Kevin Mannix - Sunday through Thursday mornings
  • Kelly LaBrecque - Friday and Saturday mornings
    • Sunday evenings
  • Don Morelli - weekdays at Noon and Saturday evenings
  • + Steve McKay (AMS and NWA Seals of Approval) - seen on "NewsCenter Weather Plus"

Sports (all are seen on 5th Quarter)
  • Bruce Glasier - Director seen weeknights at 6 and 11
  • Lee Goldberg - weekend evenings and reporter
  • + John Smist - Fill-in on WCSH, weeknights on WLBZ

  • + Sarah Delage - backpack journalist
  • + Scott Sassone - backpack journalist
  • Don Carrigan - Midcoast Bureau
  • Bill Green - recreation and features
    • host of Bill Green's Maine
  • Amanda Hill - multimedia journalist
  • + Kara Matuszewski
  • Susan Kimball
  • Vivien Leigh
  • Chris Rose
  • Tim Goff

Station alumni

  • Fred Nutter, Editorial Director, now retired
  • Priya Sridhar, Reporter, now Washington Correspondent at Russia Today (RT)
  • Diane Atwood, Medical Reporter (now Manager of Marketing and Public Relations at Mercy Hospital, in Portland, MEmarker)
  • Lew Colby, Weather Forecaster, Promotion Manager, Programming Manger, Station Manager, General Manager, CEO Maine Broadcasting System until 1997 when station was purchased by Gannett.
  • Jackie Couture, reporter, now with WMTW-TVmarker in Portland, MEmarker
  • Kristin Cullen, Reporter
  • John Dougherty, Anchor/Reporter (left to join WBZ-TVmarker in Boston, MAmarker , then WMTW-TVmarker in Portland, MEmarker)
  • Bob Elliot, Feature Reporter from 1988-1996, (later worked at WMTW-TVmarker, Portland; Elliot died suddenly in 1997 from a heart attack)
  • Jan Fox, Anchor/Reporter from 1986-1990, later at WUSA-TVmarker in Washington D.C.marker, now Executive Communication Coach with The Communication Center.
  • Michele Gillen, Anchor/Reporter (later worked at WPLG-TVmarker in Miamimarker, also NBC News, now investigative reporter WFOR-TVmarker in Miamimarker)
  • Roger Griswold, Meteorologist (now at WMTWmarker Portland, Maine)
  • Dick Gosselin, Reporter (later worked at WCVB-TVmarker in Bostonmarker, MPTV Public Television in Milwaukeemarker, and WMTW-TVmarker in Portland, MEmarker)
  • Dan Harris, Weekend Anchor/Reporter (later worked at NECN in Bostonmarker, now correspondent and anchor of ABC World News Sunday, ABC News, New York, NYmarker)
  • Jennifer Rooks—Weekend Evenings Anchor/Reporter (04/1998-05/20/2007 at WCSH, 2002-05/20/2007 at WPXT); Weekend Mornings & Noon Anchor (1994-03/1998)—now with MPBN, host of MaineWatch [89380]
  • Kevin Kelley, Reporter (later reported for NECN in Boston, MAmarker), now Communications Director for U.S. Senator Susan Collins in Washington, D.C.
  • Kristin Cullen, Reporter
  • J. Donald "Don" MacWilliams, Sports Director/Anchor (retired 1977, now deceased)
  • Cliff Michaelson, Meteorologist (severely injured in an accident, no longer in television.)
  • Jennifer Millette, Reporter (later worked at WMUR-TV in Manchester, NH)
  • Shannon Moss, Anchor/Reporter (joined WMTWmarker on June 18, 2007)
  • Ann Murray Paige, Anchor/Reporter (producer & subject of documentary 'The Breast Cancer Diaries')
  • Richard Rose, Anchor/Reporter (now works at WLNY-DTmarker on Long Island, NYmarker)
  • Scott Sassone - backpack journalist (now at sister station WLBZ)
  • Clif Reynolds, Station Announcer, Morning News Anchor, People, Places and Things reporter, now deceased
  • Robert 'Sid' Whitaker, Reporter (now works at the University of New Hampshiremarker)
  • Jane Skinner, anchor/reporter (now with Fox News Channel in New York Citymarker; married to Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL).
  • Chris Facchini, reporter (moved to sister station WLBZ in early-August 2007 to become anchor weeknights at 5 and 6 PM)
  • Todd Gutner - weekdays at Noon and weekend evening meteorologist (now at WBZ-TVmarker in Bostonmarker)
  • Bob DeMers, Meteorologist [1993-1998], now lives with his wife and daughter in Charlotte NC, President of Coaching Works
  • Aaron Roberts, Reporter

News/Station Presentation

Newscast Titles

  • NewsCenter 6 (1980s-2004)
  • WCSH NewsCenter 6 (2004-2008)
  • NewsCenter (2008-present; used in conjunction with "NewsCenter 2" from the early 2000s-2008)

Station Slogans

  • Your 24-Hour News Center (1990-1994)
  • Maine's Information Center (2008-present)


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