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WTLV's old NBC 12 logo.
It is now replaced by the most recent logo.
WTLV is the NBC-affiliated television station for Jacksonville, Floridamarker. The station broadcasts a digital signal on VHF channel 13. The station is owned by Gannett as part of a duopoly with the area's ABC affiliate, WJXXmarker. The two stations share studios located on East Adams Street in downtown near Jacksonville Municipal Stadiummarker; its transmitter is located in Kilarney Shores. The station serves all of northeast Florida (the First Coast) and southeast Georgia. The station is available on channel 11 on Comcast cable in the Jacksonville area. U-Verse carries WTLV on channel 12 and an HD feed on channel 1012.


The station began broadcasting on September 1, 1957 as WFGA-TV, owned by the Floridamarker-Georgiamarker Television Company. It was originally a primary NBC affiliate with a secondary ABC affiliation. It was the first television station in the United Statesmarker designed for color broadcasting. Two years later, WFGA donated tower space, money, and transmitting facilities to Jacksonville's PBS affiliate, WJCTmarker.

WFGA-TV was the first television station to air a live launch from Cape Canaveralmarker in the 1960s. The station provided the remote facilities and supplied video and audio for all three major networks. This earned WFGA-TV the exclusive spot for NBC's space coverage. When WJKS (now WCWJmarker) signed on as an ABC affiliate, WFGA became a sole NBC affiliate.

In 1975, WFGA-TV changed call letters to the current WTLV. Later that year, Harte-Hanks Communications bought the station and began producing the market's first hour-long newscast, branded as Action News; channel 12 began producing Jacksonville's first noon newscast soon after.

On January 1, 1980, WTLV switched its network affiliation with WJKS (now WCWJmarker) to ABC. That network was number-one at the time. WTLV's ABC Action News launched the city's first morning newscast, Good Morning Jacksonville, in the early 1980s. Some of the first shows featured Pamela Rittenhouse and current First Coast News chief meteorologist Tim Deegan.

Gannett bought WTLV and sister station WFMY-TVmarker in Greensboromarker, North Carolinamarker from Harte-Hanks in 1988. WTLV then swapped affiliations with WJKS, again returning to NBC in what the network called one of its most successful affiliation switches ever. By this time, NBC had become number one once again.

WTLV became the de facto official station of the Jacksonville Jaguars when the team joined the NFL in 1995, by virtue of NBC owning the rights to the American Football Conference. It aired most Jaguars games until 1998, when the AFC moved to WJXT. WTLV also aired a weekly television show during football season called Monday Night Live which went on-air at 7 p.m. every Monday and was hosted by Sports Director Dan Hicken and John Jurkovic.
The original First Coast News logo.
Gannett later acquired WJXX, the area's current ABC affiliate, from Allbritton Communications in late-1999. As part of this purchase, the company moved WJXX into WTLV's facilities and combined the news personnel of both stations. This created First Coast News which airs on both stations today. The combined news department then adopted the "Global Village" theme by Stephen Arnold Music in 2000 (the package used previously was "NBC: Speed of Life" by Gari Communications). This package stayed until December 2006 when the station switched to "Seize The Day" by 615 Music. Earlier that very year, First Coast News renovated its studios and changed their graphics after long-time anchor Alan Gionet departed.

Early 2006 marked a significant transition period for First Coast News. Alan Gionet had been the 5, 6, and 11 p.m. anchor for eight years, and his return to the local CBS stationmarker in Denvermarker left the station with an opening in those slots. Gionet announced his departure in October 2005 and was hired by KCNC-TV in November 2005; he left in March 2006. Ken Tonning, general manager of First Coast News, said he received hundreds of applications for the position and had also considered current on-air anchors and reporters. Seven potential applicants were brought in and filmed with Jeannie Blaylock (anchor of the 5 and 6 p.m. newscasts) and Donna Hicken (anchor of the 11 p.m. newscast). Focus groups were then brought in to critique each one. On March 28, 2006, the station announced that Shannon Ogden, anchor of Good Morning Live on New England Cable News (NECN) in Bostonmarker, would replace Gionet. During the tenure between Gionet's departure and Ogden's arrival, First Coast News reporter Kyle Meenan anchored with Blaylock and Hicken. Ogden started on April 10, 2006.

On September 10, 2007, First Coast News discontinued its simulcast of the 5 and 5:30 p.m. weekday broadcasts on WJXX. The Ellen DeGeneres Show replaced the broadcasts at 5 p.m. on WJXX instead. Since NBC's Today expanded to four hours, the station moved Live with Regis and Kelly, which had previously aired at 10 a.m. on WTLV, to WJXX at 9 a.m. Divorce Court was also moved from WJXX (where it had aired at noon) to 2 p.m. on WTLV. Joy Purdy (who previously worked at WFOR-TVmarker, the CBS affiliate in Miamimarker) also debuted as the new anchor of First Coast News at 7. Weeks later, on October 29, 2007, First Coast News again debuted new graphics in time for the November sweeps. Along with new graphics, Donna Hicken officially identified herself on-air as Donna Deegan. The NBC 12 logo also had changed for the first time since the 1980s. The older logo, a bold-italic, retro 12, was replaced with a non-italic staggered version of the 12 logo.

On May 15, 2008, First Coast News released an email to all subscribers about their website which debuted on May 21. It was announced by Online Manager Linda Mock that the new site was to have a new forum system known as 'Pluck' and would require everyone to sign up, unlike their existing system 'Topix'. A new banner that changes with the weather conditions replaced the old banner that showed the current on-air anchors. Ads also began for every newscast at the top of the screen, which cycles through with previous ads. The new website was also announced via a breaking news alert at the top of the existing website.

In mid-2008, First Coast News began a "Weather Call" service that, by default, informs viewers via telephone of severe weather in their area. The service, which utilizes National Weather Service data to place the call, requires a paid subscription.

On October 23, 2008, First Coast News debuted new graphics and music, the same standardized packages as on every other Gannett television station. The new uniformed graphics were created by G3 (or the Gannett Graphics Group) based near sister station KUSA-TVmarker in Denver; the music was composed by Rampage Music New York.

Digital Television

First Coast News at 11 opening from 2008.
The open uses the Gannett red theme.
The station's digital channel is multiplexed: WTLV aired NBC Weather Plus until it's cancellation, and now airs First Coast News Weather Plus on its digital subchannel 12.2. It is also offered on Comcast digital cable channel 201 and via live streaming video on the WTLV and WJXX website. As of January 11, 2009, much of the original NBC Weather Plus still applies. This includes the "L-Bar."

In April, 2009, WTLV moved First Coast News Weather Plus over to sister station WJXX.

Digital channels
RF Channel
Video Aspect Programming
12.1 13.1 1080i 16:9 Main WTLV programming / NBC HD
12.2 13.2 480i 4:3 Universal Sports

WTLV's broadcasts became digital-only on June 12, 2009.

Through the use of PSIP, digital television receivers display WTLV's virtual channel as 12. The analog signal on Channel 12 will remained on until June 26 for an English/Spanish instructional program from the National Association of Broadcasters on how to set up a converter box for an analog television.

News operation

WTLV's newscasts, which were known as 12 News until the merger with WJXX in 1999, have always had tough competition with rival station WJXTmarker in the ratings. As a CBS affiliate, WJXT had a strong lead in the number of households viewing its newscasts.However, once WTLV and WJXX merged together, the gap slowly closed to create tough competition in the Jacksonville market.In the May 2007 Nielsen Ratings, WTLV and WJXX had a powerful lead. They won the weekday morning, noon, 5:30, 6, and 11 p.m. slots. During the 11 p.m. slot, more people watched WTLV and WJXX than any other local station combined. The 5 p.m. slot went to WJXT because of the powerful lead-in, The Oprah Winfrey Show.

However, six months later during the November 2007 Nielsen Ratings, WTLV and WJXX only won the weekday morning, noon, and 11 p.m. news slot. The 5, 5:30, and 6 p.m. slots went to WJXT. This was partly due to the cancellation of simulcasting First Coast News at 5 and First Coast News at 5:30 on WJXX, as well as a complete programming reconfiguration.

The May 2008 Nielsen Ratings did not bring the former glory First Coast News had seen before. The weekday morning, noon, 5, 5:30, and 6 p.m. slots went to WJXT, making it the number-one station in the Jacksonville market. WTLV and WJXX won only won slot: 11 p.m. First Coast News remains the second-most-watched television news organization in Jacksonville, behind WJXT but ahead of both WAWS and WTEV-TV.

The second half-hour of Good Morning Jacksonville Sunrise, Good Morning Jacksonville, First Coast News at 6, and First Coast News at 11 are simulcasted on WJXX. WTLV's exclusive newscasts are the first half-hour of Good Morning Jacksonville Sunrise, First Coast News at Noon, First Coast News at 5, First Coast News at 5:30, and Good Morning Jacksonville Saturday. WTLV airs First Coast News at 6 Weekend at 6 p.m. while WJXX airs another edition of it at 6:30 p.m.. The same occurs on Sundays. WJXX is the only television station in Jacksonville to have a weeknight 7 p.m. newscast known as First Coast News at 7 and airs Good Morning Jacksonville Sunday as well.
Old First Coast News logo.
In addition to their main studios, WTLV and WJXX operate a "Southern Bureau" that covers St. Johnsmarker, Claymarker, and Putnammarker Counties.

WTLV and WJXX operate their own weather radar. Known as "First Coast Doppler 2 Track", it is located next to WTLV's transmitter. They also broadcast another radar during weather segments that is provided from the same company that produces the WTLV and WJXX weather graphics.

On February 8, 2009, in an effort to save money, WTLV fired Dave Vanore from his position as weekend meteorologist. He had been at the station for about a year. Steve Smith, who had filled the position as Good Morning Jacksonville weather anchor since the 90s, replaced Vanore. Michelle Jacobs, traffic reporter on Good Morning Jacksonville, First Coast News at 5, and First Coast News at 5:30, replaced Smith as the meteorologist on Good Morning Jacksonville. Jacobs carries weather certification from Mississippi State Universitymarker. Jacobs previously was also a fill-in weather anchor for First Coast News, as well as for WAWSmarker/WTEVmarker where she was a full-time traffic reporter as well.

On July 2, 2009, Joy Purdy announced that starting July 3rd, she and Patty Crosby were switching places. Joy Purdy will now anchor Good Morning Jacksonville with Phil Amato, and Michelle Jacobs.


Good Morning Jacksonville (5-7 a.m.)
  • Anchors:
    • Phil Amato
    • Joy Purdy
  • Weather & Traffic:
    • Michelle Jacobs

First Coast News at Noon
  • Anchors:
    • Joy Purdy
  • Weather:
    • Michelle Jacobs

First Coast News at 5
  • Anchors:
    • Jeannie Blaylock
    • Shannon Ogden
  • Weather:
    • Tim Deegan
  • Traffic:
    • Ruthy Skylar
  • On Your Side:
    • Ken Amaro

First Coast News at 5:30
  • Anchors:
    • Phil Amato
    • Donna Deegan
  • Weather:
    • Tim Deegan
  • Traffic:
    • Ruthy Skylar

First Coast News at 6
  • Anchors:
    • Jeannie Blaylock
    • Shannon Ogden
  • Weather:
    • Tim Deegan
  • Sports:
    • Dan Hicken
  • On Your Side:
    • Ken Amaro

First Coast News at 11
  • Anchors:
    • Donna Deegan
    • Shannon Ogden
  • Weather:
    • Tim Deegan
  • Sports:
    • Dan Hicken

Saturday Morning
  • Anchor:
    • Corrine Hatalu
  • Weather:
    • Mark Collins

Weekend Evening
  • Anchor:
    • Deanna Fene'
  • Weather:
    • Mark Collins
  • Sports:
    • Chris Porter

  • Jackelyn Barnard - chief investigative reporter
  • Ronnie Belton - Money Manager seen Monday mornings
  • Jessica Clark - "Southern Bureau" reporter (also fill-in anchor)
  • Ryan Duffy
  • Michelle Jacobs - traffic reporter
  • Mike Kaminski - photojournalist
  • Jennifer Lindgren
  • Doug Lockwood - photojournalist
  • Kyle Meenan (also fill-in anchor)
  • Chef Robert Tulko - seen during food segments on weekday and Saturday mornings
  • Roger Weeder - education reporter
  • Erich Spivey - morning reporter

Notable alumni

  • Steve Abrams
  • Karen Adams
  • Deborah Alexander
  • Harold Baker
  • Nick Bashnan
  • Jill Becker
  • Kennie Berg
  • Victor Blackwell [Former Weekend Anchor]
  • Ray Boylan
  • Larry Camp
  • Pete Cataldo
  • Matt Cooney
  • Winston Dean
  • Walt Dunbar
  • Bruce Edwards (Bruce Kalinowski)
  • Sally Fox
  • Alan Gionet
  • Chad Gordon
  • Nick Gregory
  • Eric Henderson
  • John Hogan
  • David Johnson
  • Grayson Kamm
  • Kevin Kennedy
  • Clennon King
  • Betsy Kling
  • Marcia Ladendorff
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Ernie Mastroianni
  • Dave McLaughlin
  • Melissa Ross
  • Rock Rote
  • Charlene Shirk
  • Mark Spain
  • Angela Spears
  • Barry Stewart
  • Paul Thomas
  • Maria Tsataros
  • Dave Vanore
  • Harmon Wages
  • Julie Watkins
  • Lee Webb
  • Alan Zipp

News/Station Presentation

Newscast titles

  • The News on 12 (1957-1972)
  • TeLeVision 12 News (1972–1975)
  • Action News (1975–1986)
  • The News on 12 (1986–1993)
  • 12 News (1993–2000)
  • First Coast News (2000-present; with WJXX)

Station slogans

  • Making Good Things Happen for the First Coast (1990-1993)
  • Your 24-Hour News Source (1993-1996)
  • Your First Coast News Leader (1996-2002)
  • Your News Leader (2002-present)

Newscast Music

  • Now More Than Ever (mid '80s-1986)
  • Palmer News Package, Shelley Palmer (1986–1988)
  • Image IV (1993-1996)
  • The NBC Collection, Gari Communications (1996–2000)
  • Global Village, Stephen Arnold Music (2000–2006) With WJXX
  • Seize The Day, 615 Music (2006-2008) With WJXX
  • Gannett News Music Package, Rampage Music New York (2008-Present) With WJXX


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