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WTVM/WRBL-TV & WVRK-FM Tower, also known as the WTVM TV Mast, is a 533 meter guyed mast used for television broadcasting by WTVMmarker/WRBLmarker and FM radio broadcasting by WVRK-FMmarker. It is located near Cusseta, Georgiamarker, USA at 32°19′26.0″N, 84°46′46″W.

At the time of its completion in 1962, the WTVM/WRBL-TV & WVRK-FM Tower was the tallest structure in the world. However in 1963 WIMZ-FM-Tower in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA supplanted it for that title.

Today, despite being comparable in height to the Willis Towermarker in Chicagomarker, the WTVM/WRBL-TV & WVRK-FM Tower is not even the tallest structure of Cussetta, Georgia. In 2005, the Cusseta Richland Towers Tower, a 538.2 meter guyed mast situated at 32°19′16.4″N, 84°47′28.2″W, surpassed it in height.

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