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Walibi Belgium, formerly Walibi Wavre and then Six Flags Belgium, is a Belgianmarker theme park located in Wavremarker, close to Brusselsmarker. During the 1998 to 2004 period, it was owned by Six Flags, Inc, an Americanmarker theme park operator. It was later sold to Palamon Capital Partners. As of 2006, the park is owned and operated, along with Paris's Parc Astérixmarker, by CDA Parks (a division of Compagnie des Alpes).The Walibi name comes from the mix of Wavremarker, Limal and Bièrges, three towns in the province of Walloon Brabantmarker, in Walloniamarker.


The park was founded in 1975 by Eddy Meeùs under the banner "Walibi Wavre". In its early years, it was known as a water-skiing area. About a decade after, in 1987, a waterpark, Aqualibimarker, opened next door.

In 1998, the park was bought by Six Flags and, three years later, Walibi Wavre changed its name to Six Flags Belgium.

In 2004, Six Flags sold its European division to Palamon Capital Partners, a London-based investment company.

On November 7, 2004, Six Flags Belgium officially became part of the past. The park reopened its gates on March 26, 2005, bearing the "Walibi Belgium" name.

In 2006, the park was taken over by CDA Parks, a French leisure group.


Former Rides

Roller Coasters

Name Type Year Opened Year Closed Built By
Tornado Corkscrew roller coaster 1979 2002 Vekoma

Vertigo Mountain Glider 2007

2008 Doppelmayr

Present Rides

The "Grande Roue" at Walibi Belgium.

Roller Coasters

Name Type Year Opened Built By
Turbine Launched roller coaster 1982 Schwarzkopf
Calamity Mine Mine Train roller coaster 1992 Vekoma
Coccinelle Steel roller coaster 1998 Zierer
Vampire Suspended Looping Coaster 1999 Vekoma
Cobra Boomerang 2001 Vekoma
Werewolf Wooden roller coaster 2001 Vekoma

Water Rides

Name Type Year Opened Built By
Radja River River rafting ride 1988 Intamin AG
FlashBack Log flume 1995 MACK Rides

Thrill Rides

Name Type Year Opened Built By
Dalton Terror Drop tower 1998 Intamin AG
BuzZsaw Top Spin 2001 Huss Rides
Inferno Enterprise 1975 Intamin AG

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