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In Australia, Canadamarker, New Zealandmarker, South Africa, the United Kingdommarker, and the United Statesmarker, a ward is an electoral district within a municipality used in local politics. Wards are usually named after neighbourhoods, thoroughfares, parishes, landmarks, geographical features and in some cases historical figures connected to the area. It is common in the United Statesmarker for wards to simply be numbered. (See: Wards of the United States)

In the Republic of Irelandmarker, urban Wards and rural District Electoral Divisions were renamed Electoral Division in 1994. The electoral districts for local authorities are often popularly called "wards". These consist of multiple electoral divisions, and are officially called "local electoral areas".

In the case of a municipal amalgamation, the former cities and towns that make up the new metropolis may be referred to as wards.

  • In certain cities of Indiamarker, like Mumbaimarker, a ward is an administrative unit of the city region.
  • In Japanmarker, a ward (ku or 区 in Japanese) is an administrative unit of one of the larger cities.
  • In Vietnammarker, a ward (phường) is an administrative subunit of an inner city district (quận).
  • A ward in Nepalmarker is a political division. Nine wards make up a Village Development Committee (VDC); VDCs make districts; districts makes zones; and zones (regions) make up the country.
  • In parts of northern Englandmarker, a ward was a sub-entity of a county, equivalent to a hundred.

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