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This is an article on Waterdeep the band; see Waterdeep for the fictional city of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.

Waterdeep is an independent Christian band from Kansas City, Missourimarker made up of husband and wife Don and Lori Chaffer. After a nearly two and a half year hiatus from touring, the band recently once again hit the road with fellow recording artists Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken for a fall/winter 2008 tour. The roots of Waterdeep can be traced back into the beginnings of the New Earth Coffeehouse in Kansas City. Sometime in the fall of 1992, Don Chaffer took to the stage with a guitar to give the owner of the coffeehouse a sample of his songwriting. Don became a regular fixture in the shows at the New Earth.

Several early attempts at forming bands, "Whalebelly Exit", and "Hey, Ruth" were aborted, and finally Waterdeep came into existence in 1995 featuring Don on rhythm guitar, John Flynn on lead, Brandon Graves on drums, Jay Pfeifer on keys, and Danny Krause on bass.

Shortly after their release of their May 1995 debut, To Chase Away the Birds, they were joined by Lori Coscia, who supplemented the bands material with her own songs. Don and Lori married in 1996. Sink or Swim was released in 1997 with Lori Chaffer, Anthony Case replacing Danny on the bass, and without John Flynn. Live at the New Earth was released in 1998, with the last performances of Jay and Anthony. A side project with 100 Portraits yielded the worship album Enter the Worship Circle.

They were for a short time under Steve Taylor's short-lived Squint Entertainment, which lost its financial backing in 2001. During that time, however, they did manage to produce Everyone's Beautiful, with Kenny Carter on bass this time, and Brandon's wife Christina Graves on keys. Waterdeep's final album You Are So Good To Me expounded upon the simplified themes within Enter the Worship Circle and yielded beautiful, quieted tones of worship.

The final leg of Waterdeep's history has been slightly retrospective. Don Chaffer's Whole 'nother Deal brought back many of the previous musicians who had been in Waterdeep for one record. What You Don't Know was released shortly thereafter, dealing with the loss of his parents. Lori Chaffer also released her solo album 1beginning later in 2003. Another album, Waterdeep Live 3.26.03--Muncie, IN has been released, and there is talk of making an album out of their May 1, 2004 farewell to touring show.

After taking a haitus from recording, in which Don focused on producing, Waterdeep returned to recording with 2007's Heart Attack Time Machine followed up by 2008's Pink & Blue, and double EP that features Lori's music on Pink, and Don's music on Blue. In the fall of 2008, Waterdeep resumed touring.

Pulling their own weight through their 10 year career, Waterdeep's fan base swelled through grassroots and word of mouth rather than through media blitzing. The band's strong and open taping and trading policy also contributed to the word-of-mouth marketing. While the Enter the Worship Circle material has achieved mainstream airplay, the band itself has remained relatively under the radar, achieving a sort of cult phenomenon.



  • To Chase Away the Birds (1995)
  • Sink or Swim (1997)
  • Enter the Worship Circle (with 100 Portraits)(1998)
  • Live at the New Earth (1998)
  • Dogpaddle (1998)-made for fan club
  • Everyone's Little CD (1998)-Made for "Everyone's Festival"-One pressing only
  • Everyone's Beautiful (1999)-Squint Entertainment
  • Waterdeep Worship: You Are So Good to Me (2000)-Squint Entertainment
  • Whole 'Nother Deal (2002)
  • Live 3.26.03-Muncie, Indiana (2003)
  • Heart Attack Time Machine (2007)
  • Pink & Blue (2008)
  • In The Middle Of It (2009)

Side Projects

  • Old Stuff-Hey Ruth (a collection of Don and Lori's early solo work and from their early band "Hey Ruth" from 1991-1993)
  • You Were at the Time for Love-Don Chaffer (1994)
  • You Remain-Christena Graves (1998)
  • What You Don't Know-Don Chaffer (2002)
  • 1Beginning-Lori Chaffer (2003)
  • Songs from the Voice Vol. 1: Please Don't Make Us Sing This Song (2006) (A compilation album produced by Don Chaffer with performances by Don and Lori and others. Released with The Voice project by Nelson Publishing.)
  • Songs from the Voice Vol. 2: Son of the Most High (2006)
  • The Khrusty Brothers (2007)

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