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West Flanders (Dutch: ) is the westernmost province of the Flemish Region, also named Flandersmarker, in Belgiummarker. It borders (clockwise from the North) on the Netherlandsmarker, the Flemishmarker province of East Flandersmarker (Oost-Vlaanderen) and the Walloonmarker province of Hainautmarker (Henegouwen) in Belgiummarker, on Francemarker, and the North Seamarker. Its capital is Bruges (Brugge). The province has an area of 3,125 km² which is divided into eight administrative districts (arrondissementen) containing 64 municipalities.

The whole Belgian North Seamarker coast, an important tourism destination, lies in West Flanders. A tram line runs the length of the coast, from De Pannemarker on the French border, via the port of Ostendmarker (Oostende), to Knokke-Heistmarker on the Dutch frontier.


West Flanders consists of the North Sea coast, followed by a very flat polder landscape. Only in the south are some small hills, with the Kemmelbergmarker (159 m) being the highest point in the province. The Leiemarker and IJzermarker are the main rivers. West Flanders is the only province that borders on both France and The Netherlands.


In the north of the province, most industry is concentrated in and around the cities of Brugesmarker and Ostendmarker. Both cities also have important seaports: the port of Bruges-Zeebruggemarker and the port of Ostendmarker.

The south is known for its textile industry, with companies such as Beaulieu and Libeco-Lagae. The region around Kortrijkmarker is called the Dallasmarker of Belgium for its entrepreneurship.

Tourism is also an important industry in West Flanders. Major touristic attractions include the Belgian coast, the historic center of Bruges, and Flanders Fields, the World War I battlefields around Ypresmarker.

List of Governors


The Province of West Flanders is divided into 8 administrative arrondissements.Image:Arrondissement Brugge Belgium Map.png|BrugesImage:Arrondissement Diksmuide Belgium Map.png|DiksmuideImage:Arrondissement Oostende Belgium Map.png|OstendImage:Arrondissement Roeselare Belgium Map.png|RoeselaremarkerImage:Arrondissement Tielt Belgium Map.png|TieltImage:ArrKortrijkLocation.png|KortrijkImage:Arrondissement Ieper Belgium Map.png|YpresmarkerImage:Arrondissement Veurne Belgium Map.png|Veurnemarker

Judicial Arrondissements

The Province of West Flanders is divided into 4 judicial arrondissements.Image:Image-Judicial Arrondissement Brugge Belgium Map.png|BrugesImage:Image-Judicial Arrondissement Kortrijk Belgium Map.png|KortrijkImage:Image-Judicial Arrondissement Veurne Belgium Map.png|VeurneImage:Image-Judicial Arrondissement Ieper Belgium Map.png|Ypres


Map of the municipalities in West Flanders

Municipalities that have city status have a (city) behind their name.

1. Alveringemmarker

2. Anzegemmarker

3. Ardooiemarker

4. Avelgemmarker

5. Beernemmarker

6. Blankenbergemarker (city)

7. Bredenemarker

8. Brugesmarker (city)

9. Dammemarker (city)

10. De Haanmarker

11. De Pannemarker

12. Deerlijkmarker

13. Dentergemmarker

14. Diksmuidemarker (city)

15. Gistelmarker (city)

16. Harelbekemarker (city)

17. Heuvellandmarker

18. Hoogledemarker

19. Houthulstmarker

20. Ichtegemmarker

21. Ypresmarker (Ieper) (city)

22. Ingelmunstermarker

23. Izegemmarker (city)

24. Jabbekemarker

25. Knokke-Heistmarker

26. Koekelaremarker

27. Koksijdemarker

28. Kortemarkmarker

29. Kortrijkmarker (city)

30. Kuurnemarker

31. Langemark-Poelkapellemarker

32. Ledegemmarker

33. Lendeledemarker

34. Lichterveldemarker

35. Lo-Reningemarker (city)

36. Menenmarker (city)

37. Mesenmarker (city)

38. Meulebekemarker

39. Middelkerkemarker

40. Moorsledemarker

41. Nieuwpoort (city)

42. Ostendmarker (city)

43. Oostkampmarker

44. Oostrozebekemarker

45. Oudenburgmarker (city)

46. Pittemmarker

47. Poperingemarker (city)

48. Roeselaremarker (city)

49. Ruiseledemarker

50. Spiere-Helkijnmarker

51. Stadenmarker

52. Tieltmarker (city)

53. Torhoutmarker (city)

54. Veurnemarker (city)

55. Vleterenmarker

56. Waregemmarker (city)

57. Wervikmarker (city)

58. Wevelgemmarker

59. Wielsbekemarker

60. Wingenemarker

61. Zedelgemmarker

62. Zonnebekemarker

63. Zuienkerkemarker

64. Zwevegemmarker

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