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Westfield State College (also known as "Westate" [pronounced wes-t-ate] or simply "Westfield") is a comprehensive, coeducational, four-year public college. It is the most residential of the Massachusetts state colleges and is located about 20 minutes from Springfieldmarker, at 577 Western Avenue, in Westfieldmarker, Massachusettsmarker. The college is most recognized for its Criminal Justice and Education Programs. More state troopers have graduated from Westfield State College than from any other school in the state. It is also the second largest producer of new teachers among the Massachusetts state colleges. The school's mascot is an owl named "Nestor" and its colours blue and white. There is also an elementary school located on campus, Juniper Park Elementary School, which helps elementary education majors to get out into the field and get practice with teaching kids.

Location and Campus

Westfield State College is located in a rural neighborhood along Western Avenue. It is about a five minute drive from downtown and is accessible via the P.V.T.A. bus system, which is free to the on-campus residents. The campus is split up into four sections, North Campus, East Campus, Main Campus and South Campus. Across from East Campus is the 275 acre Stanley Park, which is often used by the students during the spring and fall seasons.


Main Campus

The main campus is where the majority of the buildings and facilities are. When people refer to Westfield State College's campus, they're referring to the main campus. It is known for its centralized green and lack of roadways, which make it a very cozy, walkable and attractive campus. It has all of the 9 residential halls, 3 academic buildings, one dining hall, the campus center and the library. There is also a power plant, maintenance building, public safety building and a religious center located on the campus. Everything is centered around the green with residential buildings, campus center/library, dining hall and academic buildings surrounding it. It is not uncommon to see intramural sports and recreational activities happening on the green.

A campus map can be found here:

East Campus

Separated from the main campus because of Overlook Drive and Second Congregational Church, is East Campus. On this part of campus is all the athletic facilities as well as the administrative building.. It has the Woodward Center (the athletic building), The Horace Mann Center (the administrative building), as well as all the athletic fields like the main field, two baseball fields and a couple of practice fields.

South Campus

South campus is where the main parking lot is located. No buildings or facilities are locate at this part of campus and it is just used for student parking.

North Campus

North campus is not used at all due to wetlands and poor conditions for building. It is about half the size of the main campus and is all trees and vegetation. There is a proposed road and parking lot connecting campus to Route 20 through the north campus although nothing has been set in stone.



Its full mailing address is:P.O. Box 1630Westfield, Massachusetts 01086-1630

Its street address is:577 Western AvenueWestfield, Massachusetts 01086-1630


Foundation and Early Years

Westfield State College was founded in 1838 in Barre, Massachusettsmarker as a normal school by Horace Mann. Westfield State College was the first coeducational, public, normal school in the United States. After an increase in popularity and with limited resources, the Board of Education decided to move the school from its present location in Barremarker to Westfieldmarker in 1844. Then in the 1930s, the Normal School became a State Teachers College. At this point, it offered a four-year education program with the aim being a bachelor of science in education. The school soon faced a threat of being closed though. There was a proposal that was aimed to close public teachers colleges but with much uproar and advocate support, this proposal was deflected. At this point, the college moved from its one building in downtown Westfield to its current campus on Western Avenue. The campus was dedicated to the school in 1956 and soon after imposing more programs, enrollment skyrocketed.

The Later Years

Since the 1970’s, the school has expanded its program to include criminal justice, communication, regional planning, political science, chemistry, theatre arts, and other programs.

Facilities and Buildings

Residential Halls

Dormitory Halls

Dickinson Hall
Also known as "The Dick", Dickinson hall is one of the oldest residential halls on campus. It has an identical floor plan and architecture to Davis Hall, just in a different location, so it is commonly referred to as a "twin" to Davis Hall.. It shares a spacious courtyard with the apartment complex which has grills, benches and other amenities. The building itself is set up in towers and is separated by sex by floor with clusters of 8-10 rooms sharing a bathroom. There are primarily single rooms and double rooms with a few triple rooms. There are 6 towers in all, A-F, with four floors. It has a newly renovated common room with a full kitchen, flat-panel television, piano, ping pong table, pool table, couches, tables and such.

Courtney Hall
Courtney Hall is the newest of the dormitory halls, built in 1989, and the largest. It holds around 500 students and has double, triple, and quadruple rooms. It is set up in hallway style with a common room on each level. In each common room there are vending machines as well as a flat panel television. It has four floors of living and a fifth floor that is a dedicated study lounge.The first floor lounge has a full kitchen, fireplace, dining room, pool table, couches, tables et cetera. It is coed with separate sex bathrooms.

Davis Hall
Davis Hall is an identical hall with Dickinson Hall. It is on the opposite side of campus but has the same floor plan and rooming situations. There is a basketball court right outside of Davis Hall and it shares a brand new courtyard with New Residence Hall. Starting in the fall semester of 2009, it became a freshman hall only to encourage growth within the freshman class and comrodery between residents.

Lammers Hall
Lammers Hall is located right on the green near Ely Hall. The rooms are arranged in a loop type hallway format with 12-14 rooms sharing a bathroom. A positive aspect of Lammers Hall is the convenient kitchen located in each section. Along with this, there is a lounge in each section and a nice lobby with a pool table, big screen television, foosball table and public washrooms. It is coed with separate sex bathrooms. Also located in Lammers Hall is the Counseling Center, which provides psychological and substance abuse counseling to students; and the office of Career Services which provides career planning assistance to students, faculty, and staff.

Scanlon Hall
Scanlon Hall is the oldest of the dormitory halls and is located at the entrance of the main campus. It was one of the three original buildings on the current campus (along with Parenzo Hall and the original power plant.) It is set up in hallway format with primarily triple rooms. It is coed with separate sex bathrooms. Along with the residential portion of the hall, Health Services as well as Residential Life are located in the hall in wings that were originally dorm rooms, but converted into office. Has the largest doubles out of all the dorms. Doubles can only be found in the Annex section. The basement of the building contains a student study area nicknamed the "morgue" in the annex, and a student game rooom and laundry room in the east part of the building. Also in the basement is the office and break area for the college's trades staff as well as some of the trades workshops. In the summer of 2007 an extensive renovation added a new stairwell and elevator to the front of the building making it fully handicap accessible. Also as part of this the lobby was completely renovated and new lounges were made on the second and third floors of the building.

Apartment Halls

New Residence Hall
New Residence Hall, also known primarily as "New Apartments" or "New Hall", is the newest of the residential buildings, built in 2005, and houses upperclassmen. It is apartment style living with fully furnished apartments. The apartments are available in 4 or 6 person co-ed apartments (although in each room, it is same-sex.) It is the only residential hall with air conditioning and has a full kitchen, living room and two bathrooms. There are also classrooms and offices located in New Hall along the first floor as well as a Dunkin Donuts eatery.

The Apartment Complex
There are three identical halls in the apartment complex also known as "Old Apartments"...
  • Conlin Hall
  • Seymour Hall
  • Welch Hall

These three halls are true apartment style housing, with nothing but apartments. Unlike New Hall, the apartment complex does not have laundry facilities, game rooms, study rooms, lounges, et cetera. It is strictly apartments although all the amenities are located in Dickinson Hall right next door. Each apartment has a full kitchen, living room, two single and two double bedrooms. Along with this, each apartment has 1.5 bathrooms. Like New Hall, the apartment halls are only for upperclassmen.

Academic Buildings

Bates Hall

Bates Hall is exclusively an academic building and the second oldest academic building on campus. The building is home to most of the humanities academic departments. Its three floors (Basement, first, and second floors) contain a mix of classrooms and offices for faculty of the various academic departments located in the building. The basement contains two PC computer labs and a third PC lab used by the department of geography and regional planning. The first floor is home to the English, History, Geography and Regional Planning, World Languages, and Ethnic and Gender studies departments. The music department's main practice room is located on this floor also. The second floor is home to the Music department.

Ely Hall

Ely Hall, pronounced ee-lee, is the home of the Ely Library, Campus Center, TV Studio, Radio Station and classrooms. The building is home to a variety of campus services and amenities. It was constructed in the 1970s and has 3 elevators.

The northern two story part of the building serves is the campus center. It contains a large lounge area on the first floor with a Subway restaurant as well as a Jazzman's Café, a coffee shop. In addition there is an information desk and a service window that sells various items such as tickets to college events. There is also a CyberCafe with about 10 computers in the main lounge. The second floor contains the English department's theatre program including the studio theater where several performances throughout the year are performed. Larger performances are held in Dever Auditorium in Parenzo hall. Also on the second floor are the offices of the student affairs division and several regular classrooms. The basement of the campus center contains the wellness center, the main public fitness center on campus. It contains a large weight/cardiovascular workout room, aerobics room, and a full size pool.

The southern three story part of the building is primarily academic. The first floor contains the college's library and the Barnes and Noble bookstore. The second mezzanine level contains the library's main classroom and educational resource center (ERC.) The college's art gallery is located on second floor in the lobby area. The third floor is home to the college's communication department. The Communications Department boasts a TV studio, as well as several audio and video editing suites and a Macintosh computer lab. There are also 5 regular classrooms on this level. The college's radio station, WSKB, is in the newly constructed part of the third floor. The basement of the library contains the student government association offices, the main representative body for students on campus.

The building recently had a major renovation project that made it fully handicap accessible.

Wilson Hall

Wilson Hall is one of the campus's largest academic buildings and was built in 1970. It was originally intended to be the science hall, and for the most part it still is today. The south part of the building is four stories while the north wing is only three. The south corridor of the first floor is home to the Psychology Department as well as the college's Information Technology department. The IT Department has two PC computer labs that are also located in this area as well as the college's technology helpdesk which offers technical support to students, faculty, and staff. There are also several classrooms used mostly by the psychology department on the first floor. Just to the north, the central open area on the first floor contains a large cafeteria lounge and a cash eatery known as Quixote's which features Mexican food like Tacos and Nachos, but also has a full grill menu for both Breakfast and Lunch/Dinner. Also in this area is the campus card office and a student IT service window. Originally the Quixote's area was a small parking garage. The north part of the first floor contains some faculty offices, mostly for the Geography department, and the Wilson Auditoriums which are lecture hall style classrooms; the only lecture halls at Westfield State. There are three separate lecture halls, but the walls separating them can be opened creating one very large room. The second floor is home to the biology department and contains many labs and classrooms used by the various biology classes. Also on the second floor are the Trio Student Support Services program office, the Disability Services office, and the Urban Education program office. The Disability Services department provides academic counseling for students with disabilities and also operates the Tutoring Center which offers tutoring services for all students. The third floor of Wilson is home to the Physical Science and Philosophy departments and like the second floor contains many labs and classrooms used by the various physical science courses. Finally, the fourth floor is home to the Economics and Management, Computer Science, and Mathematics departments and several classrooms used by these departments. There is also a classroom computer lab on this floor used mostly by the computer science department, and a study lab managed by computer science interns.

Parenzo Hall

Parenzo Hall is the oldest academic building on the current campus and one of the campus's original buildings along with Scanlon Hall and the original power plant. Originally it contained all of the college's classrooms and offices; today it contains a number of classrooms, academic departments, and administrative departments as well as the campus's old gym.The basement contains several workshops used by the art department as well as the offices for some of the college's administrative services. The college's main receiving area and supply room are located in the basement as well as the college's mail room. The copy center, which provides photo copy services to faculty and staff, is also located in the basement. The Media and Technical services department is located at the far south end of the basement. This department is responsible for the college's Audio Visual equipment as well as the campus's phone system. Finally, the basement contains a few faculty offices, mostly of the English department. The ground floor contains the Parenzo Gym which is the campus's original gymnasium as well as the outside entrance to the building's elevator. Up until the construction of the Woodward Center, the Parenzo Gym was home to the Athletics department. Today, the Parenzo Gym is used mostly for intramural sports. The first floor of Parenzo Hall has several classrooms and an Apple computer lab. It is also home to the Art, Political Science, and Sociology and Social Work Departments. There are also a few faculty offices for the English department. Also, this floor is the home to the offices of Academic Affairs, Academic Advising, Marketing, International Studies, and the Center for Teacher Education and Research. Finally the first floor contains Dever Auditorium, the college's main auditorium where a variety of productions are put on throughout the year. The second floor of Parenzo Hall contains mostly classrooms, but is also home to the Education department and the office of Facilities and Operations. Also the Honors Program, Reading and Writing Center, and Faculty Center are located on this floor.

Mod Hall

Mod hall is an office building completed in October 2009. It is a modular building and is only temporary until a new academic building is built.

Notable alumni

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