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Weymouth and Melcombe Regis was a parliamentary borough in Dorsetmarker represented in the House of Commonsmarker of the Parliament of the United Kingdommarker, formed by an Act of Parliament in 1570 which amalgamated the existing boroughs of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis. Until 1832, it continued to elect the four Members of Parliament (MPs) to which its constituent parts had previously been entitled; the Great Reform Act reduced its representation to two MPs, and the constituency was abolished altogether in 1885.

Members of Parliament



Year First member Party Second member Party Third member Party Fourth member Party
April 1660 Edward Montagu Sir William Penn Peter Middleton Henry Waltham
June 1660 Bullen Reymes
1661 Winston Churchill Sir John Strangways
1667 Sir John Coventry
1670 Lord Ashley
1673 John Man
February 1679 Thomas Browne Michael Harvey
August 1679 Sir John Morton
1680 Henry Henning
1685 Francis Mohun George Strangways
1689 Michael Harvey Sir Robert Napier
1690 Nicholas Gould
1691 Thomas Freke
1695 Maurice Ashley John Knight
March 1698 Philip Taylor
August 1698 Arthur Shallett
January 1701 Henry Thynne Charles Churchill Maurice Ashley
November 1701 George St Loe Sir Christopher Wren
February 1702 Anthony Henley
July 1702 Henry Thynne
1705 Maurice Ashley
1709 Edward Clavell
1710 James Littleton William Betts
May 1711 Sir Thomas Hardy William Harvey Tory
December 1711 Reginald Marriott
1713 John Baker Rear-Admiral James Littleton Lieutenant-General Daniel Harvey Whig William Betts
1714 Sir Thomas Hardy William Harvey Tory Reginald Marriott
1715 John Baker Thomas Littleton Lieutenant-General Daniel Harvey Whig William Betts
1717 Edward Harrison
1722 Sir James Thornhill Thomas Pearse John Ward
1726 John Willes
January 1727 Edward Tucker
August 1727 Thomas Pearse
1730 George Dodington
1734 George Bubb Dodington
1735 John Tucker
1737 John Olmius
1741 Joseph Damer John Raymond James Steuart
1747 Welbore Ellis Richard Plumer George Dodington Edward Hungate Beaghan
1751 Lord George Cavendish
1754 Lord John Cavendish George Bubb Dodington John Tucker
1761 Sir Francis Dashwood John Olmius Richard Glover
1762 Richard Jackson
1763 Charles Walcott
1768 The Lord Waltham Sir Charles Davers Jeremiah Dyson
1774 Welbore Ellis William Chaffin Grove John Purling
1778 Gabriel Steward
September 1780 Warren Lisle
November 1780 Gabriel Steward
1781 William Richard Rumbold
1784 Sir Thomas Rumbold
1786 George Jackson
1788 Gabriel Steward
1790 Colonel Sir James Murray Tory Richard Bempde Johnstone Andrew Stuart Thomas Jones
1791 Lieutenant-Colonel Sir James Johnstone
1794 Gabriel Tucker Steward Tory
1796 William Garthshore Tory
1801 Charles Adams Tory
1806 Richard Augustus Tucker Steward Tory
1810 Sir John Lowther Johnstone
1811 General Sir John Murray
January 1812 Joseph Hume Tory
October 1812 John Broadhurst Thomas Wallace Henry Trail
1813 Viscount Cranborne Tory Christopher Idle Tory Masterton Ure Tory
1817 Adolphus Dalrymple Tory
1818 William Williams Whig Thomas Fowell Buxton Whig Thomas Wallace Tory
1826 Colonel John Gordon Tory
1828 Edward Sugden Tory
May 1831 Richard Weyland Whig
August 1831 Charles Baring Wall Tory
1832 Representation reduced to two Members


Year First member First party Second member Second party
1832 Sir Frederick Johnstone Conservative Thomas Fowell Buxton Whig
1835 William Wharton Burdon Whig
1837 Viscount Villiers Conservative George William Hope Conservative
1842 Ralph Bernal Whig William Dougal Christie Whig
August 1847 William Lockyer Freestun Whig
December 1847 Hon. Frederick Child Villiers Conservative
1852 George Medd Butt Conservative
1857 Robert James Roy Campbell Whig
1859 Robert Brooke Conservative Viscount Grey de Wilton Conservative
1865 Henry Gillett Gridley Liberal
1867 Henry Edwards Liberal
1868 Charles J. T. Hambro Conservative
1874 Sir Frederick Johnstone Conservative
1885 Constituency abolished



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