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"Whenever, Wherever" is a Latin pop song written by Colombianmarker singer-songwriter Shakira for her first English album, Laundry Service (2001). It is the second most successful song in her career, behind only "Hips Don't Lie" (2006). There is also a version of "Whenever, Wherever" in the Spanish language, "Suerte", meaning 'luck'. It talks about how she was "lucky" to find a person like him. It hit number 1 in 29 countries. The single became the biggest hit of 2002 worldwide. "Whenever, Wherever" has sold over 9 million copies as a single, putting it in the top 3 of the best selling singles of the decade.

The track was produced by Shakira, and was released as the first single from the album in the autumn of 2001. It was an international success, peaking at number one in Colombiamarker, the rest of Latin America, almost all the European countries, Australia and New Zealandmarker. In the Netherlandsmarker the song kept the number one position for nine weeks. It reached number two in the United Kingdommarker, number four in Canadamarker, and number six in the U.S.marker.

"Whenever, Wherever" is Shakira's most successful song in Europe, where it topped many of the medium sized charts as Austriamarker, Denmarkmarker, Finlandmarker, Norwaymarker and Swedenmarker. "Hips Don't Lie" which is considered the most successful song in her career, though topping the majority of European markets sold substantially less in the bigger markets such as Francemarker and Germanymarker.


"Whenever, Wherever" is a Latin pop song composed in the key of C# minor. The song takes heavy influence from Andean music, including the charango and panpipes in its instrumentation. Remixes were made, the most famous in the USA being the Tracy Young "Spin Cycle" mix.

Music video

The music video was directed by Francis Lawrence in front of a green screen, and features Shakira surrounded by the earth's natural wonders. It begins with Shakira submerged in the ocean, before leaping out onto the surrounding rocks and observing a landscape of mountains. She then proceeds to walk into the desert, where she is soon seen dancing amid a stampede of horses. The stampede suddenly ceases, and Shakira kneels into a shallow pool of mud, and begins crawling through it. As the video nears its end, she is on top of a snowy mountain, and jumps off, descending into water and submerging herself, as though to bring the video full circle.

The video became an instant hit on several music programs. It became Shakira's first video to retire on MTV's Total Request Live, and reached number one for a single week on the MuchMusicmarker program Countdown. It won the 2002 Latin Grammy Award for "Best Short Form Music Video".

The Music Video has been viewed over 32 million times on YouTube, which makes it the most viewed music video by Shakira.

Chart performances

"Whenever, Wherever" was released as the first single from Shakira's first English album "Laundry Service", in December 2001. The single became the biggest hit of 2002 worldwide.

"Whenever, Wherever" is Shakira's first single reach the Top Ten on the USAmarker Billboard Hot 100, peaking at #6. Despite not achieving a higher peak position in the U.S., the song achieved major cross over success on other Billboard charts after it peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks, #1 on the Billboard Latin Pop Airplay, at #3 on the Hot Dance Club Play and at #4 on the Top 40 Tracks.

In Europe, "Whenever, Wherever" became a major success, establishing Shakira's presence in the European Mainstream with her very first single of her debut album in English, a feat that is accomplished by many debuting American singers during their third or last single in many occasions.

In the UK, "Whenever, Wherever" became Shakira's first Top 3 hit, peaking at #2 for two consecutive weeks, and eventually spent ten weeks in the Top Ten and 19 weeks in the Top 75. The reason she didn't get the number one spot was because it was the same week that Will Young (The first Pop Idol) released Evergreen. The song currently stands as the seventh best selling song by a female artist in the 21st century in the UK.

In Switzerlandmarker, the song debuted at #9 and the following week, it reached the #1 position where it would stay for 17 consecutive weeks, becoming the 22nd most successful song in that country.

"Whenever, Wherever" became a #1 hit in several countries after it peaked at #1 in Algeriamarker, Australia, Austriamarker, Belgium, Brazilmarker, Denmarkmarker, Europe, France, Germany, Hungarymarker, Ireland, Italymarker, Mexicomarker, Netherlands, New Zealand, Perumarker, Polandmarker, Portugalmarker, Spainmarker, Swedenmarker and Venezuelamarker.

Meanwhile, Spanish version, "Suerte", also written by Shakira and Mitchell, was released as a single in Spainmarker and in a handful of nations in South America, and Mexicomarker. It was a huge hit, peaking at number one on the Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks chart for 7 non-consecutive weeks and staying within the top ten over 4 months. It also topped almost all the Spanish-speaking countries.

It was also Shakira's most successful single, until "Hips Don't Lie" was released in 2006.

Cover versions

Irish singer-songwriter Mundy recorded an acoustic cover of the song retitled "Whenever, Wherever" for the compilation Even Better than the Real Thing Vol. 1.

In popular culture

  • MADtv made a parody of the song starring Mo Collins as Shakira.The song title was "Whatever, Don't Matter".

Other versions and live performances

  • Shakira recorded a studio recording of the live version of the song used for TV performances, for the English and Spanish versions. It was called the "TV Edit". She sang the original CD version only once, on the RADIO MUSIC AWARDS from 2001, where she performed the song live for the first time.
  • A remix of the song was included on the re-release of Laundry Service, Laundry Service: Washed & Dried. Called the "Sahara Mix", the song was completely transformed and given a heavy Middle Eastern feel. For her world tour, the Tour of the Mongoose, Shakira took the drums that begin the Sahara Mix and extended them into an intro for Whenever, Wherever/Suerte's original version (which extended for Shakira to interact with the audience). Shakira also included the same intro for Whenever, Wherever/Suerte for her second world tour, the Oral Fixation Tour. However, for this tour, she danced to the drums with a rope, as opposed to dancing with a candelabra on her head like in the Tour of the Mongoose.
  • To promote the DVD Live & Off the Record, she used this song as a second single of it, editing the original live version to a Radio Edit Version and Video Edit Version, included in the "Poem to a Horse" promo.

Official remixes

  • Acapella 121 Bpm --- 3:38
  • Andy And The Lamboy Circuit Dub --- 5:40
  • Andy And The Lamboy Circuit Mix --- 9:34
  • Dark Side Of The Moon Mix --- 8:16
  • Dark Side Of The Moon Mix --- 7:45
  • Dataluxe Club Mix --- 8:51
  • DJ John Rizzo & Blue Room Remix --- 9:09
  • Hammad Belly Dance Mix --- 3:48
  • Jonathan Peters 'Unreleased' Club Mix --- 6:16
  • Nic Mercy's Epic Anthem Vocal --- 9:39
  • Sahara Mix --- 3:57
  • Tee's Blue Dub --- 8:40
  • Tee's Blue Dub New Version --- 7:40

  • Tee's Radio Edit --- 3:28
  • Todd Terry American Club Mix --- 5:20
  • Tracy Young's Spin Cycle Mix --- 7:05
  • Tracy Young's Spin Cycle Video Edit Mix --- 4:01
  • Tracy Young's Tribal Mix --- 9:34
  • Tracy Young's Tribal Mix Radio Edit --- 3:14

Official live performances
  • TV Edit --- 3:40
  • Live --- 5:28
  • Live Radio Edit --- 3:31
  • Live Video Single Edit --- 4:15

Singles and promos


  • ;Japan (EICP 53)
  1. Whenever Wherever 3:17
  2. Objection 3:43

  • ;Europe (671913 3)
  1. Whenever Wherever 3:16
  2. Suerte 3:14

  • ;Suerte Europe (671913 9)
  1. Suerte (Whenever, Wherever) 3:14
  2. Whenever, Wherever 3:16

  • ;Australia (672196 2)
  1. Whenever Wherever 3:16
  2. Suerte (Whenever Whenever) 3:14
  3. Whenever Wherever (TV Edit) 3:39
  4. Inevitable 3:13

  • ;Europe (671913 8)
  1. Whenever Wherever - Album Version 3:16
  2. Whenever Wherever Tv Edit 3:39
  3. Suerte - Album Version 3:14
  4. Suerte Tv Edit 3:38

Maxi singles

  • ;Europe CD Maxi single (EPC 671913 2)
  1. Whenever Wherever 3:16
  2. Suerte 3:14
  3. Estoy Aqui 3:55
  4. Tú 3:36

  • ;Europe 4-track WW (672426 2)
  1. Whenever Wherever 3:16
  2. Suerte (Whenever Wherever) 3:14
  3. Whenever Wherever - Tracy Young's Spin Cycle Mix 7:03
  4. Whenever Wherever - Video

  • ;WW/Suerte Europe (671913 7)
  1. Whenever, Wherever (TV Edit) 3:39
  2. Suerte (Whenever, Wherever) 3:14
  3. Estoy Aqui 3:52
  4. Tú 3:36
  5. Whenever Wherever (Tracy Young's Spin Cycle Mix) 7:03
  6. Whenever Wherever (Dark Side Of The Moon Mix) 7:45


  • ;UK promo (HPCD 2617 /XPCD 2617)
  • ;USA promo (ESK 16691)
  1. Whenever Wherever 3:16

  • ;Australia promo (SAMP 2414)
  • ;Brazil promo (900051/2-502605)
  • ;Europe promo (SAMPCS 10588)
  1. Whenever Wherever 3:16
  2. Suerte 3:14

  • ;Europe promo (SAMPCS 12236)
  1. Whenever, Wherever - Sahara Mix 3:56
  2. Whenever, Wherever - Hammad Belly Dance Mix 3:45

  • ;Suerte Argentina promo (DEP 707)
  • ;Suerte Mexico promo (PRCD 98424) **
  1. Suerte (Whenever, Wherever) 3:14
  2. Whenever, Wherever 3:16

  • ;UK 1-track Epic promo (CDR ACETATE)
  1. Whenever Wherever

  • ;USA 2-track Epic promo (CDR ACETATE)
  1. Whenever Wherever - Tracy Young Tribal Mix 9:40
  2. Whenever Wherever - Tracy Young Tribal Mix Radio Edit 3:15

  • ;Australia (CDR ACETATE)
  1. Tracy Young’s Spin Cycle Mix 7:02
  2. Acapella 121 BPM 3:36
  3. Tee’s Blue Dub – New Version 7:37
  4. The Dark Side Of The Moon Mix 8:14

Vinyl singles

  • ;Europe 12" vinyl (671913 6)
  1. Whenever, Wherever 3:16
  2. Whenever, Wherever - Tracy Young's Spin Cycle Mix 7:03
  3. Whenever, Wherever - A Cappella 121 Bpm 3:37
  4. Whenever, Wherever - Tee's Blue Dub New Version 7:37
  5. Whenever, Wherever - The Dark Side Of The Moon Mix 7:45

  • ;USA 7" (ZSS79642B)(34-79642)
  1. Whenever Wherever
  2. Suerte (Whenever Whenever)

Vinyl promos

  • ;Mexico jukebox 7" vinyl (670037)
  1. Suerte (Whenever, Wherever) 3:14
  2. Te Aviso Te Anuncio (Tango) 3:47

  • ;WW Europe 12" (SAMPMS 12235-0122356000)
  1. Whenever, Wherever - Sahara Mix 3:56
  2. Whenever, Wherever - Hammad Belly Dance Mix 3:45

  • ;USA 4-track 12" (EAS-16691-S1)
  1. Whenever Wherever - Tracy Young's Spin Cycle Mix
  2. Whenever Wherever - A Cappella 121 BPM
  3. Whenever Wherever - Tee's Blue Dub
  4. Whenever Wherever - The Dark Side Of The Moon Mix


  • ;Cassette (672426 4)
  1. Whenever, Wherever (Album version) 3:16
  2. Suerte (Album version) 3:14
  3. Whenever, Wherever (The dark side of the moon mix) 7:45
  • Tracks play same both sides

Videos and box sets

  • ;Japan promo (BOX-SET)
  1. Whenever Wherever 3:16
  2. Suerte (Whenever Wherever) 3:14
  3. -fold-out biography booklet with great pictures
  4. -10 minute Japanese made NTSC Electronic Press Kit video

  • ;USA promo (BOX-SET)
  1. -1-track CD
  2. -fold-out biography booklet with great pictures
  3. -10 minute NTSC Electronic Press Kit video

  • ;UK VHS video promo
  1. Whenever Wherever 3:14

  • ;Spain VHS video promo
  1. Suerte
  2. Personal greetings from Shakira to the (50 first) buyers of the CD "SERVICIO DE LAVANDERIA"


Country Certification Date Sales certified
Australia 3 x Platinum 2002 210,000
Austria Platinum April 4, 2002 30,000
Belgium 2 x Platinum April 27, 2002 100,000
Finland Gold 2002 5,477
France Diamond July 11, 2002 750,000
Germany Platinum 2002 300,000
Netherlands Platinum 2002 60,000
New Zealand Platinum March 31, 2002 15,000
Norway 3 x Platinum 2002 30,000
Sweden 2 x Platinum March 11, 2002 40,000
Switzerland 2 x Platinum 2002 80,000
UK Gold April 5, 2002 400,000


Chart (2001/2002) Peak

Australian ARIA Singles Chart 1
Austrian Singles Chart 1
Belgian Singles Chart 1
Canadian Singles Chart 4
Danish Singles Chart 1
Dutch Singles Chart 1
Eurochart Hot 100 1
Finnish Singles Chart 1
French SNEP Singles Chart 1
German Singles Chart 1
Irish IRMA Singles Chart 1
Italian FIMI Singles Chart 1

Chart (2001/2002) Peak

Japanese Airplay Chart 8
New Zealand RIANZ Singles Chart 1
Norwegian VG-lista Singles Chart 1
Romanian Singles Chart 2
Swedish Singles Chart 1
Swiss Singles Chart 1
UK Singles Chart 2
U.S. Billboard Hot 100 6
U.S. Billboard Hot Latin Tracks 1
U.S. Billboard Hot Dance/Club Play Songs 22 and 3*
U.S. Billboard Pop Songs 4
U.S. ARC Weekly Top 40 2
  • Remixe version


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