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White Croatia (also Chrobatia) is a vaguely defined area, said to lie somewhere in Central Europe, near Bavariamarker, beyond Hungarymarker on south of Polandmarker and west of Ukrainemarker, and adjacent to the Frankish Empire from which the White Croats crossed the Carpathiansmarker and migrated in the 7th century into Dalmatia (modern-day Croatiamarker).


The Slavnik family had its coins with inscription Mulin Civitas, issued by Prince Sobjeslav (?-1004), the oldest son of Slavnik. This confirms that the fortress of Mulin near Kutna Horamarker (west of Prague in Bohemia) was a part of their territory. It is assumed that the Slavnik's were the leading tribe of the Croats in the 10th century in that region. Their main seat was in the town of Libica, west of Prague (near Kutna Hora). Thus we had two parallel Croatian states in that period: White Croatia in Central Europe and Dalmatian-Panonian Croatia near the Adriatic sea. In 995, when White Croatian troops led by Sobjeslav were defending their Princedom from pagan tribes, White Croatia was suddenly attacked by the Czech prince Premysl, destroying their capital Libicemarker and killing most of the Croatian population. There are some conjectures that several noble families in Poland (like Paluk's) are descendants of White Croats, as well as the family of Rozomberk (which seems to be related to the town of Ruzomberok in Slovakia). Sobjeslav was killed in 1004 on a bridge over Vltava river in Prague, when Polish troops tried to occupy the city.

White Croats

Constantine Porphyrogenitus (905-959), a Byzantine emperor and writer, mentions the state bearing the name of White Croatia. His description shows that it occupied a wide region around its capital Krakowmarker, in parts of Bohemia, Slovakia, and Poland. The state disappeared in 999. Saint Adalbert (Vojtech, 10th century) was a descendant of the White Croats, son of the White-Croatian prince Slavnik. He was spreading Christianity, education and culture, and to this end founded the benedictine monastery in Brevnov in 993. Also St. Ivan Hrvat, who died in Tetin in Bohemia in 910, was a son of White-Croatian King Gostumil. It is interesting to add that according to some American documents from the beginning of this century there were about 100,000 immigrants to the USA born around Krakow (Poland) who declared themselves to be Bielo-Chorvats, i.e. White Croats by nationality. See US Senate-Reports on the Immigration commission, Dictionary of races or peoples, Washington DC, 1911, p. 40, 43, 105.

File:Heiliges_Römisches_Reich_1000.PNG|Chrobatia in Poland and Adriatic Chrobatia (Croatia) on a map of Europe circa 1000File:Poland under Boleslaw Chrobry.jpg|Chrobatia on a map of Poland under Boleslaw IFile:Europe 1000.jpg|Chrobatia on a map of Europe circa 1000File:Polska_Rosja_Skandynawia_w_IX_w.jpg|Belochrobates (White Croats) shown around Krakowmarker, 9th century


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