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White Croats (W.
Chrobatians) on a map of Eastern Europe (XIII–IXc).
White Croats (Byelohravati) is the designation for one group of Slavic (Croatian) tribes which migrated to Dalmatia (the coastal part of today's Croatiamarker) as part of the migration of the Croats in AD 610–641. Their homeland, defined by Edward Gibbon as "the inland regions of Silesia and Lesser Poland", has occasionally been referred to as White Croatia.

In the late 10th century, White Croats were one of the tribes ruled by Slavnik's dynasty. In 995 A.D. Czech warriors from Bohemia invaded the White Croat tribe and destroyed their capital at Libicemarker. Soon after the Byelohravati were invaded by the new Polish kingdom. The last ruler, Soběslav , was killed near Praguemarker by Polish forces in 1004 A.D.

The White Croats should not be conflated with the eponymous East Slavic tribe, which, according to the Russian Primary Chronicle, inhabited the vicinity of Przemyślmarker in the 10th and 11th centuries. They were the neighbours of the Lędzianie.

It is interesting to add that according to some American documents from the beginning of 20th century there were about 100,000 immigrants to the USA born around Krakowmarker who declared themselves to be Bielo-Chorvats, i.e. White Croats by nationality.


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