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Map showing all locations mentioned on Wikipedia article: is the official website of the White Housemarker and is owned by the United States government. Launched in October 1994, it contains general American history information, as well as current news pertaining to the President, press briefings, proclamations, executive orders, and any speeches the president has made on the radio.

The website is the responsibility of the incumbent administration. As a result the site is completely redesigned for each new president, and the site's structure and URLs are often inconsistent from one administration to the next.


The current administration's website is broken into the following sections:
  • The Briefing Room
    • The Blog; "Your Weekly Address", a weekly video address by Barack Obama; and slideshows
    • Press Briefings, Official Statements, and Press Releases
    • Presidential Actions
      • Proclamations and Executive Orders
      • Appointments and Nominations
  • The Agenda
  • The Administration
  • About the White House
  • Our Government
  • Contact Us

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