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Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a video game created for the NES by Rarewaremarker & published by LJN Toys Inc. in 1989. The single-player game is loosely based on the film of the same name and had combined elements of graphic adventure computer games with some more traditional action adventure gameplay. A different version of the game was also released for various computer systems in 1988.


Eddie Valliant vs. Judge Doom, known by players to be one of the most difficult boss battles in an NES game.
The game takes place in Santa Mariamarker in 1947. As the game begins the player takes control of Eddie Valliant, with the framed Roger Rabbit cartoon character always following Valiant. The player wanders around an urban city of Hollywoodmarker entering various buildings, and caves in order to speak with people, some of whom are from the film, and picks up various items left on the ground and inside drawers and chests in order to find out who framed Roger Rabbit. The second half of the game takes the player into the infamous Toontown with more buildings and caves to explore in an effort to find Marvin Acme's lost will, and prepare for a battle with the nefarious Judge Doom.

Beyond the challenge in locating items scattered throughout the various locations in the game, the player watches out for enemies that will deplete the player's life force or kidnap Roger Rabbit and end the game. If the Toon Patrol kidnaps Roger, the player has to answer their riddles and then escape while they are laughing. The player must face various enemies, some of which can not be killed, such as bottomless pits, snakes, rats, dogs, and walking cartoon shoes. The main items that players must locate throughout various locations in the game are the four pieces of Marvin Acme's will. Once all four pieces are found, Judge Doom must be located and confronted.

Unlike the movie, where the climax is set in Hollywood's Acme Warehouse, the final battle with Judge Doom takes place in a similar building in Toontown called Doom's Warehouse, guarded by the Weasel known as Stupid. The situation is basically the same, however Eddie must fight Doom and prevent Roger and Jessica from being dipped. Defeating Doom requires extreme precision and timing of Valiant's punches on the first phase, then retrieving the Dip Cannon from the truck (before Roger and Jessica are dipped) and turning it onto Doom and dipping him before he can unleash a potentially lethal attack on Valiant.

There are an assortment of weapons that the player can find or buy, and a password feature to save progress. Benny the Cab can become the player's mode of transportation, and most of the major settings from the film are recreated in the Nintendo version of the game.

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